I just stumbled across member Neals website. I'd like to share an excellent resource on herbal remedies that he has posted.  Seeds are available also. Please see the link below for details.  You will find a fairly comprehensive list of NZ plants also.  I am grateful to you Neal for this resource.

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Actually Rose that series of pages are my daughters work, she also has a very good plant deficiency booklet.

You should also have a look at our joint page on glyphosate as I'm sure most of you suffer from this beast.


If you like I could post a photo taken just a week ago of the my girl hanging her feet out the van window whilst picking her nose ... but she would (probably) kill me for that.

We get on very well, we have to we're stuck with each other.

Stacey started these pages when she was 10, (about the time her mother found her cancer) I found them in a series of notepad pages and showed her how to do an indexed open office file.
12 months later I found it had escalated, so took the step to show her how to convert to a webpage and we held it on site here just for ourselves for a number of years till I saw how important it was to allow it out to others so we lifted it to my website.

She would disappear all day, come back with a bucket of weeds and search out what they were, and how to use them.

Stacey never went to school, we just looked at what she was interested in and encouraged her in her own direction, she was never told what to think, but how to think.

By 12 she could hold her own with any expert in plants and had learned Latin.

As for research, ... check out the glyphosate page ... it's a good read and one that we hope is life saving to others who can stop the cancer before it kills.


She's now 23, and the best thing that's ever happened to me.

you just bought a wee tear to my eye.

Thank you Stacy, thank you Neal, thank you mumma ♥

Your daughter would forever hate me if I reposted that pic Neal - so on her behalf - NOPE!

Please feel free to add any of the links (and especially glyphosate info) to the discussions around here - or reblog Your links to your site in this group

I keep getting 404 error for both the remedy index and TPP of the iceberg links.....any idea what's going on?

I just opened the TTP page.


also opens ... the pipe into the site isn't huge it may be busy.

Rose how do I copy the entire directory/html into pages located on this site?

Thanks....right after I posted my comment I just kept resubmitting the link and it finally took on the 12th try.....The index is very comprehensive and will be a well used document in my home. Many thanks to your Daughter for her efforts in compiling this.

What a fantastic resource! Thanks so much, Neal and Stacey. Homeschooling/life learning rocks!

thank you Vicki I'll pass that on to Stacey for you.

That's home education still at work and she's 23 now.



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