September 26th, 2017  By Jessie Klassen  Contributing writer for Wake Up World

We are in the midst of a massive shift in consciousness that is sweeping our sweet little planet. So why not take a moment and honour all of the brave souls, the “unsung heroes”  who came here before us to assist with this shift and make it happen? The empaths, the sensitives, lightworkers, wayshowers, and all those who were holding light and transmuting the dense energies long before the rest of us, so that others may awaken as well.  They were the ones who were “awake” before the word “awake” ever had a deeper, more profound meaning. For many years, they have been the souls on the “front lines” of this awakening.

Some trailblazers were very aware of their role and courageously used their voice and called “bullshit” on the injustices and dishonesty of others, as they were able to see through it all with crystal clear vision.  They were often the activists and the leaders of social movements. They were those ahead of their time, who established newsletters and platforms such as this one intended to help awaken the masses.

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YES !!! And Rose You are One of those! Thank You, My Dear for your never waivering Spirit in the face of threats and adversity to, Push On,so other's may find their Way thru the Dark.The Dark that tries to cast a shadow on every Truth brought to Light. You are one of the Brightest Light's I have found,I Love You and I am so Grateful for You.


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