Cinco de Mayo is so much more complicated than I thought.  There is a bigger lesson here for all nations.  Don't wind up being a serf.  When property rights are threatened ---that is the danger. (like Bunkerville & even the Keystone Pipeline by eminent domain)
Very interesting video.  One thing that surprised me is that women couldn't vote in Mexico until 1953....and Bolivia was one of the last countries to give up slavery. 
Foreign Rule no bueno:  Remarkable how the elite in these countries sided with Europe, until they figured out a way to become rulers in their own right by cutting Europe off....but they needed the support of the peasants to do thatThat's a lesson for our congress.
The class warfare is such a big factor  & so was the Catholic Church --- in all these revolutions.  The very idea of our politicians trying to use "income inequality" as a wedge issue is laughable.  It was what they legislated....otherwise the middle class here would not be losing ground for decades.
I wonder how they think one world government can ever work when you look at this history.  Just goes to show you that people want self rule....and countries are formed based on LOCAL culture  (and sadly race... & the indigenous people usually wind up on the bottom like our American Indians).
My hope is that Mexico has another revolution soon and gets a middle class....and that the U.S. doesn't wind up like they are now with a majority of poor and no middle class....I see that our leaders want to meld the 2 cultures and make us like Mexico is now by using AMNESTY.
Why amnesty instead of sanctions on Mexico to pressure them into a better & more representative government?  We sure throw sanctions around for less important reasons to try to control another nation & usually only for OUR benefit...not their people.

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