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Not long ago I remember both Icke and Igan commenting that Australia has become a total police state and testing ground for the NWO.

Creepy things been coming out of Aus lately, what with the detention centers and that latest microchipping clip. And theres those EMF pulses that come out of WA.

The PTB have a lot of room to hide stuff over there. Pine Gap springs to mind.

Check out that “cell tower” by their house! there’s your answer. That's a pretty big house and I wonder how many acres goes with it.? Were they mind controlled, you bet.

I will check on google earth to see if I can get a street view on that pole. Might not be a tower but we'll take a look.

It looks like a light pole renate?

Thanks rose. Weird looking light pole, that's huge. Wondering if that is farm country?

I haven't found it on google, Saru G is still looking for the property so we can zoom in on street view.  Only and area was given, no address so he's doing the detective work. 

Jury is out on this at the moment. G agrees with you and called it a tower as he found a different angle of the pole in another photo.

Will keep you posted

Yes it is a reasonably rural area, a lot of horticulture, the family owns a berry farm.

My heart goes out to them, regardless of circumstance.

Hi Renate. Looks like a cell tower to me. Can't find their house on the map though to check for certain. Anyone have an address. And yes, it is farm country. Lots of berries and this family are also berry farmers.

Thanks Saru. Light poles usually aren't that tall. And being in the country away from other people makes them a perfect target. Guess, the controllers are testing their wares. Ware your tin foil hats everyone, it works.

Found this street view of 25 Chapman Road Silvan Melbourne.  The cell tower is at the left of picture and the house is visible on the right close to the road. A bit to close for mental well - being I would say

After some ferreting around, I finally tracked down their home in Silvan, Victoria and low and behold what do I see....monopole cell tower. And a big sucker too. Less than 150m from their house too.

Link to google maps

Will add to main blog above too

Good detective work Saru

renate, perhaps share that info and link with the you tuber that posted the link above? I don't have youtube anymore.  He might need educating though.  I have seen towers closer than this to people that have gone mad.  It has happened to a member here and quiet recently.  He and his mother are quiet sick since BP put up a radiation tower in their back yard.

Back down the rabbit hole we go...


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