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You Will Receive Exactly What You Need

Most people who drink ayahuasca for the first time go with a set of expectations only to come out having experienced something drastically different. The best way I can describe this is since the medicine is universal intelligence, she can provide you with the quickest and most direct way to receive a certain lesson or insight in response to the main challenge that is standing in your way, and the mind does not always comprehend that before (or during) the ceremonies.

For my last ceremonies, one of my main intentions was to fully understand reality creation. Prior to that, I imagined it to be a fun ride in which I would be shown mysteries of the universe only to find myself sucked into the deepest and darkest pit of mental hell that I was unable to get out of. While being trapped in that terrifying space for an eternity (there is no space-time once you drink the medicine), I experienced the true meaning of presence and surrender.

During the months after the ceremonies, I slowly integrated that piece into my life and realized just how much I was standing in my own way of exercising my power of manifestation with too many attachments and expectations. The surrendering experience was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

The medicine always has a way of fulfilling your intentions, though sometimes in the least expected manner and the realization often isn’t revealed until weeks or months later. The key is to ask, trust, and allow.

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How Psilocybin Mushrooms and Plant Medicine Can Heal Humanity and Transform Our World

found another big puff ball out walking thru the bush yesterday, in one of the warmest days I've felt here in months so temps must be on the rise so Bring on Summer and Bring on the Shrooms.

Got some pretty interesting fungus around our area too RC - some lovely  culinary mushies to get to one with.

And sorry about that RC - the source link was wrong - Ayahuasca is not a shroom

I changed the source link to the correct one

In the Awakening process No Surrender is the Mantra.Upon the Opening of the Door,the Arrival the Mantra becomes Total Surrender. You have gained thru pain and suffering,often for many years the highs and lows of the Journey. This is the Path and there are many Path's that lead to the same destination,Arrival at the desired destination,Awakening.

Just a word of caution boys and girls, its become a bit of theme lately for hipsters in search of the 5D experience to go tripping in South America for the Ayahuasca. But there are seriously dodgy shamans out there, far too many reports out there of women travellers being sexually assaulted while under the influence. And men being robbed and beaten. This is not a fun way to find enlightenment.

I've never done Aya or Shrooms but I do know Transcendental Meditation taught by a genuine teacher will take you the same place. A much slower route but safer if you don't know who you can trust. 

As always go with great care if you know you will be incapacitated.

Totally agree cats pj's! So very dangerous indeed. It is so tempting to tug at a new sprout in hopes of it growing faster,unfortunately the sprout dies.

Thanks Janie,

I do understand why people are going Aya and DMT. Was explained to me that the plant medicine is necessary at this crucial time to teach people to "see properly" so they can process their negative dross and go back to caring for each other and the earth. It can heal deep trauma too.

We are clearly in the Biblical end times and as I understand it the Return of Jesus is intrinsically aligned with the restoration of God in Nature...Gaia. The tipping point is approaching and the balance needs to be restored or nobody will survive. Regardless if its from our own personal choices or destruction by Illuminati machinery theres a point where the shit will definitely hit the fan on this planet.

Ayahausca/DMT is teaching some to prepare for this. But it can also seriously kick your ass...theres a fine line between spiritual experience and delusional psychosis. Its on my "maybe one day" bucket list, but only coz I know how to find safe and experienced shamans.

And yeah, you still gotta go home afterwards and put learning into practice ...tend the little sprouts...I like that.


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