Friends, I just received the information below from a friend on this email list. Take a few minutes and click on some of the links. If you are still carrying a cell phone around with you, thinking it is just part of being human at this time on the planet, you are playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun in terms of gambling with your health. All studies have conclusively proven the dangers of microwave radiation, there really is no debate left. Time to wake up out of the trance and the denial!

If you ever wonder why I keep sending out these emails, as if I am just preaching to the choir, it is because I personally know numerous close friends who still rationalize the use their cell phones and are still in a trance regarding this technology. And if I know 5 or 10 people personally, then there has to be quite a few more on this 190 person email list! So I doubt I am preaching to the choir. I am still being the water wearing down a few rocks.

Please take a moment to send the press release below around to your favorite news outlets, including local news media. It is time that the news media make the public aware of the very serious public health threat posed by radiation from wireless technology. Cancer is far from the only health effect. Wireless radiation is also an endocrine disrupter. This is shown in several studies in humans. It has profound effects on cardiac and neurological systems. Public health departments need to start issuing warnings and requiring removal of wireless technology from public buildings - including schools and libraries. I would urge you to send this press release to your state public health department. If you make contact with an interested individual and send me a name, state, telephone number, and email, I would be happy to send additional information related to the other biological effects of radiation from wireless technology.

While the steps above will be most effective, you can also sign the petition to move wireless radiation to Class 1 carcinogen

Sign here. It doesn't take long.

Steps for minimizing exposure to RF can be found on the Solutions page at

Please spread the press release widely on social media.
Cancer Expert Declares Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation as Carcinogenic to Humans
Longtime World Health Organization advisor Anthony B. Miller M.D. updates opinion linking wireless exposures to cancer based on new scientific evidence.
Teton Village, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2017 -- An expert cancer researcher and advisor to the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO/IARC) has issued his scientific opinion that radiofrequency (RF) radiation from any source – such as the signals emitted by cell phones, other wireless and cordless and sensor devices, and wireless networks – fully meets criteria to be classified as a "Group 1 carcinogenic to humans" agent, based on scientific evidence associating RF exposure to cancer development and cancer promotion.

"The evidence indicating wireless is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored," stated Dr. Anthony B. Miller at a July 31, 2017 lecture in Jackson Hole, Wyoming sponsored by the Environmental Health Trust where international experts presented the best available science on cell phone and wireless radiation. In 2011, WHO/IARC classified RF radiation from any source as a "Group 2B possibly carcinogenic to human" agent. Miller believes the evidence published since 2011 fulfills the requirements to re-classify RF radiation as a "Group 1 carcinogenic to humans" agent.

Miller explained that the basis for his opinion includes recent scientific publications which include the  2017 re-analysis of data from the Interphone study, the 2014 French National CERENAT Studyseveral new publications on Swedish cancer data, and the 2016 results of the National Toxicology Program

Dr. Anthony B. Miller is a physician epidemiologist who specializes in cancer etiology, prevention, and screening. Miller is Professor Emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health of the University of Toronto and Senior Medical Advisor to the Environmental Health Trust. He has been a longtime advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO) and was Senior Epidemiologist for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). He served as Director of the Epidemiology Unit of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics at the University of Toronto, Head of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology at the German Cancer Research Centre, and Consultant to the Division of Cancer Prevention of the U.S. National Cancer Institute. He has performed research about electromagnetic fields and cancer and has served on many committees assessing carcinogenicity of various exposures. Miller was visiting Senior Scientist in the IARC Monographs programme as a reviewer to the scientific literature supporting designation of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF-EMF) as a Group 2B possible carcinogen in 2011.

Other experts agree that the increased evidence now establishes RF radiation as a human carcinogen. For example, researchers Dr. Lennart Hardell and Michael Carlberg have published several epidemiologi cal studies that found increased brain cancer associated with long-term cell phone use and conclude that "RF radiation should be regarded as a human carcinogen causing glioma." In addition, published epidemiological research

has also found persons diagnosed with brain cancer had decreased survival rates associated with higher wireless phone use.

In response to skeptics who claim, "There is no evidence," researchers point to published research that has consistently found increased cancer risk in well-designed case control studies that have looked at persons who used cell phones for more than ten years.

The July 31, 2017 panel presentation included international experts. Dr. Annie Sasco presented the WHO/IARC process used to classify carcinogenic agents. Dr. Devra Davis presented research finding wireless radiation results in sperm damage and alters brain development. Dr. Moe Mellion presented Dr. Iris Udasin's clinical cases of World Trade Center first responders who developed brain cancer after combined environmental exposures to chemical toxins and wireless radiation. Theodora Scarato, MSW presented policies enacted by governments worldwide to reduce RF radiation exposures. Dr. Marc Arazi presented data released by the cell phone radiation test program of the Government of France, which found that when cell phones are tested in body contact positions, RF radiation exposure exceeds regulatory limits. Environmental Health Trust plans to post all lectures and videos from the July 31, 2017 presentation online.

About Environmental Health Trust
Environmental Health Trust (EHT) educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks. Currently EHT is raising health concerns about cell phones and wireless in schools and recommends practical steps to reduce exposures. The Environmental Health Trust maintains a regularly updated database of worldwide precautionary policies on cell phone radiation and health. The foundation's website is the go-to place for clear, science-based information to prevent disease.

View and Download Dr. Anthony Miller's July 31, 2017 Presentation from the Symposium /uploads/Dr.-Anthony-Miller-Pr esentation-July-31-2017.pdf

Scientific Publications on Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer Referenced in Dr. Miller's Presentation -cell-phone-radio-frequency-ra diation-cancer/

Watch an excerpt from Dr. Anthony Miller's lecture on July 31, 2017 v=bgGJeOVEdQs

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JV Public Relations NY Inc.

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More great work rom Neil. I have shared this around. Protect your loved ones. And if you are a Contrail family member reading this on a wifi device....turn that shit off!!

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Trump needs to borrow a page from Putin’s playbook

Trump has 2 Trump cards that need to be played now! Each of us can hold this vision in great detail during the Aug 21.17 solar eclipse, along with freedom, unity, peace, harmony, etc.
1] Arrest George Soros
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Click to read and please share. Thank you.Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned

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