Hydro Scam Free and Natural Energy - The Mystery Solved

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Gerard Morin better explains and exposes the scam being used by the Hydro companies to steal your energy and recycle it and sell it back to you. Since the installation of the Smart Meters instead of charging you for one line, hydro is charging you for 2 lines. Plus everytime you use an appliance, you are making "electricity" which goes back to hydro, resells it back to you. Hope you're getting that, hydro doesn't pay us for the energy we produce.(Resonance Frequency is what Gerard Morin is talking about it's not electricity as hydro wants us to believe. Gerard invented the Hyper-Drive.  run your car, house anything....

A challenge for anyone to prove this wrong..


Thanks for sharing this Renate. This guy's on to it. I have some study to do.

Right on Saru G. This guy is here somewhere in the Fraser Valley, BC I did email him but got no response. After hydro turned off my power twice, 2016 and 2017 I am so pissed. Now to find out its resonance frequency and being charged for 2 lines instead of one. He said that he was down in your neck-of-the-woods, twice, but the company he was working with didn't want to lose their license. There is www.earthenergy.com or energyearth.com in the states that's doing the same.

Got this from jewtube, check the patents:https://ionpowergroup.com/#/?playlistId=0&videoId=0


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