Virgin has revealed the design for the pods in their high speed Hyperloop One system, displaying a prototype pod as part of the United Arab Emirate’s Innovation Month.

The prototype boasts a futuristic interior, leather seating for 10 passengers and high definition TV screens.
The pods will become part of a transport service in Dubai and carry passengers to neighbouring Abu Dhabi, the Daily Mail reports.
Their 1220km/h speed will allow them to travel the 140 kilometres between the cities in 12 minutes – normally a 90 minute car-ride.
In New Zealand that would be the equivalent to travelling between Wellington and Palmerston North.
The Hyperloop will be launched in Dubai in 2020 as part of a goal from the local Road Transport Authority (RTA) to have 25 percent of all journeys driverless by 2030.

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Roll on 'Hunger Games'!


Of course the Elite have had something like this in place secretly for many years.

Now the public gets to go for a ride.

Got your "Travel Chip" implant? No chip, no ride!

yes Martin you can see the undersea tunnels on google earth, linking all the main cities across the oceans theres an interesting cluster around Tahiti, it seems to be a centre of something and one in particular goes from Papete(sp?) to Antartica where upon landfall there the imagery is blurred out... Initially I thought these were simply areas of the seabed that had been mapped and therefore displayed in higher resolution, or perhaps undersea cable routes, but neither seems to be the case, definitely not known/searchable cable routes anyway.

Good luck to them, so long they keep it over there outa my necka the woods.

I think it's already clandestinely in everyone's neck of the woods RC, judging by the mysterious underground sounds around the world over the past few years!

yep, doesn't take much to burrow underground with their diamond tipped drills, maybe it's them causing all the earth movements.

There are patents for nuclear powered tunnel 'boring' machines that basically vapourise and fuse the rock as it propels forward covering massive distances compared to traditional mechanical boring. 

That's xactly what RAND proposed in the 70s: Nuclear TBMs that melted the rock. I will try and find the documentation as it's all in the public domain.


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