Interview recorded on February 3, 2017 in Long Beach, California

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My heart is aching after watching Brittany's mother courageously sharing her tragic story as a warning to other families.

My heart breaks because very few people visited this clip - are we so overloaded with vaccine info now?

Thanks for your care Marian ♥

The devastating human carnage from vaccines, and guardasil in particular, is continuing to happen because of ignorance and apathy, which is what the purveyors and promoters of these dangerous but profitable products rely on.

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt commented that he believes in good vaccines, but for shady reasons they are not being used, and that the same small groups are behind the causes of the damage being done by the assault from all directions on human health ( synergistic effects from the combinations of things like mercury and aluminium ) and pointed his finger at war-makers, huge agro-chemical corporations, big pharma etc.

Never has Edmund Burke's quote been more relevant and urgent than now: " The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

I so appreciate everyone, including you Rose, whose consciences, diligence and courage compel them to play a part in uncovering the truth.


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