I'm taking another road, thinking about what really matters... did you know enlightenment is attained more easily during a lunar eclipse?

Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Sheldon Moore in some fascinating videos, parts 1 through 6. Also reading Sheldon's book, Remember Zen, and getting ready to write.

Here's part 3 about the eclipse, the others are also on youtube.

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Interesting listening Cat. My Kitty almost always seems surrounded by orbs (or Souls)

What a cute cat! He's the Contrail mascot. Sheldon says being around nature and what's called prana brings meditation and therefore enlightenment within reach. Cats are part of nature; just looking at them it's evident they're enlightened!!!

I see a couple orbs, they're not sunlight reflections.

Not sure how related but lately I've been revisiting much of the literature put out by Jay Alfred a decade ago on dark plasma I find interesting too.

Wow... that Jay Alfred link!

Never heard of this You tuber before, but I agree with the sentiment on focusing on what really matters right now. So much intense politics, fake weather, fake everything and rumblings of war.

Im trying to go more into a heart space like withdrawing my frustration from the overall matrix and focusing on healing might be the most empowering thing for me at this point.

Seeing as the contrail P.I. Pussies are in the house ...heres something related about the behaviour of kitties and puppies.

(Soren Dreier requests full repost only with permission). https://sorendreier.com/cats-dogs-and-astral-commotion-revisited/

Theres been a lot of talk about animals behaving strangely of late.

Thanks for the Jay Alfred and Soren Dreier links. It's exciting to connect the dots between physical and psychic science!

yep, thanks for the link CP. I've always been aware the cats and dogs not to mention horses too when I had them are super aware of things I'm largely 'blind' to. I wasn't gonna share this but now I shall. Sunday afternoon I was 'alone' in the house just sitting on the end of the sofa opposite Kittys' other end she reserved for her. I was drinking a cup of chamomile tea (no milk or sugar added) positively daydreaming bout nothing at all, just enjoying my cuppa when I felt eyes 'boring into me' as you do and looked over at the empty lounge chair across the room and almost dropped my cup except by now these so called occurances are becoming so frequent in my life now I'm getting immune almost but had to take a picture for evidence of course. Does anyone see a black panther/jaguar staring out and a smaller 'doghead' to the right of the big eyes? Kitty was outside on another mission of her own.

Funny spooky when you start seeing things like that, sometimes its faces in the trees for me...like they are observing us and Im sure they are in conversation. Hoping for the rise of the Ents here. :-)

Nina Valentine posted heaps of orb clips a while ago, I don't know that this playlist is so great but someone might be interested. (Nina is a mind control survivor that spoke out on Miles Johnston Bases project and set up this YT channel..heavily trolled but still going).


Nice kitty pic, cute!

Wow, Saru, the orb has the wheel of life in it, I guess it's a soul.

There is an interesting parallel between Sheldon Moore's idea of facilitating enlightenment during a lunar eclipse and David Icke's moon matrix theory. David says Reptilians use the moon as an antenna to keep humanity dummed down. Sheldon points out during the lunar eclipse, that reception is blocked, so the earth is temporarily out of the moon's signal, hence enlightenment is more within our reach. I love it when two far reaching theories support each other!  

This popped up on sorendreier.com the other day about a World Cup soccer match in Florence in 1954 that was stopped due to a mas UFO sighting that dropped "silver glitter" from the sky. If it was now I would have thought chemtrails, and we know they were trailing stuff decades ago but I do wonder about this...if its more plasma related than Bluebeam.



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