I'm taking another road, thinking about what really matters... did you know enlightenment is attained more easily during a lunar eclipse?

Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Sheldon Moore in some fascinating videos, parts 1 through 6. Also reading Sheldon's book, Remember Zen, and getting ready to write.

Here's part 3 about the eclipse, the others are also on youtube.

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Hi cat's pajamas, the last line of the article of the athlete's instinctual feeling is an important marker to guide us through this dense mystery: 

Romolo Tuci just feels lucky to have been there. His eyes dance excitedly as he remembers that curious day. "I was spell-bound and I was also so, so happy."

Sorry to get off track here but knowing your interest in words Cat, did anyone notice Avicii died 20/4 and Avicii spelled backwards gives the Roman numeral 204 and he died in Oman..like oh man! Wot an Omen.

Hi Rainbow Cat, Interesting! I'm working on the next blog post... names are the key to understanding the Illuminati, the extraterrestrial Overlords, you name it!


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