IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sex Slavery and Silent Murder - Jian Liang "MK-Ultra Never Ended" . . .


Sex Slavery and Silent Murder

Jian Liang "MK-Ultra Never Ended" 

Down load the book/PDF here


Jian Liang "MK-Ultra Never Ended"

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This is not just another MK-Ultra expose. Because I edited Jian's Chinese English, I know the book pretty well. I feel it is particularly important because IT EXPOSES HOW MK-ULTRA AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING ARE AT THE VERY CORE OF HIGH-FINANCE CORPORATE LIFE. I shudder to think of the SLAVERY going on among CEOs, boards, and offices. That the secret space program and government are involved is not new, but Jian's 5th or so generation MK-Ultra programming is different from that of previous generations. Wake up, folks.


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