Is the NZ Govt. starting a subtle Hate the West Coasters Campaign?

From Greenpeace....

There is a new proposal to log ancient native forests on the West Coast. We have only days to act. The Grey District Council has asked for public submissions until May 5th. We’ve set up a quick and easy submission form for you to take action here to oppose the logging.
These forests are precious and unique. They’re virtually untouched primordial temperate rainforests that support delicate ecosystems that have evolved over millennia. Destroying all this to make some furniture is ludicrous.

Hearing that logging was back on the agenda was particularly shocking for me because I’ve just been to the 20th anniversary of the Native Forest Action forest occupation on the West Coast!

Twenty years ago, in the summer of 1997, a group of young people got together and decided to stop native logging. They formed a group called Native Forest Action (NFA) and they walked into the forest and set up camp - on the forest floor and in the giant rimu trees that were being felled by the Government-owned Timberlands West Coast.

Their brave action sparked a campaign that lasted years, and ultimately brought an end to native logging on public land. And they inspired hundreds of people all over New Zealand to get involved and take action on the streets of our cities and in the forests. I was one of those people and it changed my life.

I knew nothing about campaigning and very little about forests but I worked with NFA - doing whatever I could - for about two years until the forests were saved.

I often think about how powerful it was to see the image of those people up the trees in that remote wild place standing up for the forests. It was that image on the poster, and the footage on the TV of them taking direct action that changed my life and taught me that when we stand together, we always win.

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This would suit the Govt. perfectly.  Swing public opinion against the Coasters.  Right now they need our full support.

Greenpeace is playing their part in promoting it.  Just goes to show what a fraud they are.

When I was researching the whole Agenda 30 thing, I read some interesting stuff relating to the West Coast of NZ. I'll rustle up some links.

How bloody convenient and yes, the coast is certainly ripe for a hate campaign since the Murders at Pike Mine.

A gold mine has just come to the surface here in our part of the West Coast - who knew?  Nobody, yet they are on to stage two of the resource consents of a mine proposal less than a mile from our home.  Interestingly the company involved is NOT A GOLD MINING INTEREST but a NANO TECHNOLOGY firm!

The true value of gold: Technology. Why? Gold doesn't oxidise and it's conductive: The eternal metal of the gods.

Nano tech: Into your body, into the air, never degrading.

Golden aerosols and nanobots.


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