Nancy Pelosi: Scalise is dead

Nancy Pelosi's senile mush chamber blurted out today that Scalise is dead, right in front of everyone. So either he is already dead, or she knows the agenda. If what Pelosi said is not a blunder, they offed Scalise during the first surgery and all talk about subsequent surgeries is bunk to provide cover for him already being dead at a time when motives are being questioned.

At this point, the only story I will settle for is: Scalise is in therapy now, learning how to use a repaired hip. If we don't get that story over the next few weeks, they offed him pure and simple. They offed him because he was one of the very few true allies Trump had. He was honest, and going after the pedophiles. If he dies, I'm not buying it, and if I could lock and load, I would.

To clear up the lies about Scalise Trolls are doing all they can to cover for what is happening to Scalise. I am going to repeat, because none of this changed:

Scalise was shot in the hip by a government provided M4 carbine. Trolls have tried to morph this to an SKS which would fit the story line better, and cover up the fact that the shooter was likely a U.S. intelligence brain fogged patsy.

Scalise arrived at the hospital in good spirits and was NOT IN SHOCK and was in GOOD SPIRITS immediately, and I mean the second before going into surgery. Trolls are trying to morph the story to "he was adrenaline rushed at the ball field so he looked ok, but arrived at the hospital at the edge of death". Not so, FROM THE HOSPITAL he called his wife while in good spirits and being prepped for surgery, and the call basically ended with him going into surgery in FAIR condition. What is "fair" condition? This only means that you have an injury (that could be severe) but your vital signs in no way indicate that there is any chance you will die.

I am skeptical of all the surgeries, he's had three so far. Maybe they are putting pieces of bone back together and reconstructing major damage (an M4 carbine will cause amazing damage at the impact site) but if it impacts bone, it will stop there. I don't care who writes how stupid I am about this.

They need the story to be an SKS, that won't stop when it hits a solid bone, so SKS is what the story will be I guess. QUESTION: Why did it take the MSM two full days to settle on it being an SKS, when in the first five minutes, the very initial reports, said M4 carbine? It's not like the capitol police would get that wrong when that is a standard issue weapon! An SKS is also anything but obscure, so if that's what it was, they'd have said it in the first minutes.

The answer to why the story morphed is obvious, the M4 carbine is a controlled item an average joe will not come up with. And it also won't fit the story line of death from a shot to the hip.

You'd be a lot better off getting hit by an SKS in the chest than an M4 carbine, but the opposite is true if the bullet hits a hip bone. The SKS has a LOT MORE punch to destroy a bone with and keep going to damage other parts, but in soft tissue the M4 is absolutely horrible. It blows everything apart. If Scalise got hit in the chest by an M4, he'd have been gone gone gone. But it was a hip shot, so the M4 carbine is out of the picture for that reason, along with the fact that one is impossible to come up with outside military supply chains. How'd that happen? That would take some explaining . . . .

My suspicion is that they will operate on Scalise long enough to spew a story like "We tried to save him but after five failed surgeries, he's gone". People might believe that, but I never will. If he dies, he was taken out by the deep state at the hospital, end of discussion.

I advise people to go with the first reports, not whatever spin spew they crap out days later to cover up for an operating room/poison IV murder. The fact that he was in good spirits at the hospital was so well stated in the beginning that I can't believe trolls would ever go there, and say he arrived in shock. Their tactic of lying until it becomes the truth is wearing awful thin.


He was going after the pedophiles and human traffickers and This VERY recent youtube video with him talking about this PROVES IT

Smoking guns like this one are a rare find indeed!


Here is the confirmed information many are looking for, as it turns out I had this and did not think of it until now.

Scalise is confirmed to be at the Washington Hospital Center. Guess what? The doctor who blew the whistle on the Seth Rich murder was at the Washington Hospital Center.

It is important to keep my 8 points proving Scalise is in the process of a staged murder being done at the hospital on top of this page so I am going to link proof rather than consume the top of the page by posting it directly here. Here is a report confirming near the top of it that Scalise is at the Washington Hospital Center And here is the doctor's testimony that Seth Rich was murdered at the Same Washington Hospital Center.

This cinches it, the Washington Hospital Center appears to be where people go when they are supposed to die.

Eight good reasons to be suspicious of the shooting in DC

I am highly suspicious of this. I believe this was done by a programmed patsy who was handed military hardware and that the hospital is finishing the job. Here's why:

1. First of all, the early reports said the guy used a handgun and a military issued M4 carbine. Now this has morphed to other guns that better match a story line that will lead to the death of Scalise. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE: EARLY ON IT WAS A MILITARY ISSUE M4 CARBINE. A CONTROLLED ITEM. AND THEY CAN'T CHANGE THEIR STORY WITH SUCH AN OBVIOUS ITEM. PERIOD.

2. Second, RIGHT FROM MINUTE ONE the media was claiming 1 congressman down, 216 to go. And they were rejoicing. But it was impossible to say that, because early on there were multiple people shot and they would not have known how many congressmen were actually shot, let alone that 1 would die, thus leaving the number "216 to go". The only thing that makes sense with this as far as I see it is that they knew for sure ONE would die, and the only way they'd be sure of that is if they knew someone in the hospital was there to finish the job. From there, they'll fabricate any story line that fits.

3. Here we have a patsy, who was living a perfectly normal life, then suddenly wonked out, "lived in his van for two months" with no one knowing where he vanished to, and suddenly he surfaces and does this. That's fishy folks, and fits with "The CIA or some other Rothchild/Soros owned entity successfully drugged this guy, tripped him out, made him malfunction while he was out with the van and then programmed him for this." The fact he did the shooting, as the "first five minute" reports stated: with a military issued M4 carbine, would prove he was provided his weapons by someone beyond the ordinary. Who would that be? You guess.

4. The guy was an awful shot. From this perspective it could not have gone better. With the guns this guy had, hillbilly joe or even six pack bob who might have a gun or two of that type would have accomplished 25 head shots with 25 bullets fired. All shots were within 50 yards. That's too easy of a shot for anyone who knew anything about guns at all to miss even once, with a gun as good as even the worst assault rifle, including the SKS. How could you get such an awful shot? Answer: WITH A PROGRAMMED PATSY who knew nothing about guns, that you suddenly abducted and mind wiped for the job. That sure fits "vanished with the van for two months, " only to suddenly surface with this.

5. Scalise showed up at the hospital in fair condition. This was reported so widely that even Politico reported that he was in good spirits and called his wife before the surgery. Suddenly, after the surgery, he skipped right over serious condition straight to critical condition and the hospital started lying, saying he was in shock and delerious and in critical condition before he went into surgery even after liberal crap outlets like Politico reported he was fine. This is the biggest key indicator that he was sent to a particular hospital to die. They need their cover story for his death, and can't say he was cheerful when he went into surgery after they intentionally botched it. Calling the wife in a cheerful mood simply won't do, even if the worst liberal rags reported that.

6. Very suspicious: Now, the media is trying to scramble the story line about the gun used, to try to explain the details on the ground. They are sort of leaning towards the SKS, which might have a solid bullet deflect off the hip and cause serious internal injury, at the same time it explained why he was such an awful shot. But the SKS is not that bad, inside of 100 yards it is accurate enough to not make a difference and all shots were close. And they botched it early on by saying it was an M4 carbine. So the SKS story line is a blunder.

7. Ok, so let's say somehow our patsy got ahold of a NOT military issued .223 (which is the caliber of an M4 carbine) and he had a knock off. It will still be identical to the military version when it hits something. What happens when you hit a hip with that? Well, nothing should really happen. The bullet is designed to fragment in soft tissue and make a huge mess, but if it hits something solid like a hip, it ought to do significant damage at that point, but stop there.

They therefore want the story morphed over to it being an AK or an SKS, because that round penetrates better without fragmenting and would fit the story line of Scalise showing up all cheery and then dying because the bullet deflected into vital organs. I guess a .223 might do that too, but if you get a bad hit with a .223, you will NOT feel cheery and call the wife, PERIOD. The only way he'd be cheery after getting hit with a .223 is if it was neutralized when it hit the hip bone and spread nowhere from that. So if he was reported as cheery before going into surgery, that would be what happened. And there would be ZERO chance of reducing to critical condition just because someone dug around in your hip.

So we are watching the story about the gun used twist and turn to fit whatever happened when a doctor intentionally botched the surgery to reduce Scalise from fair condition to critical. SKS it will be then.

Trump may have figured this out, he's not stupid. So he sent the best white house doctor. What happened next?

8. CNN and all the other liberal media outlets FLIPPED OUT and started trashing trump for sending that doctor, who would obviously be outside of the control loop of a calculated hospital murder. That would mean key people at CNN and other liberal outlets KNEW THERE WAS A MURDER IN PROGRESS, and were pissed that Trump found a way to interfere with it. Will Scalise make it? Only time will tell now, IF the doctor Trump sent will be good enough to see the obvious, and get Scalise back away from critical condition.

If Scalise dies, he was Seth Rich'd pure and simple, and that is my FINAL ANSWER.

The following has been bumped to below the top posted portion of the Scalise report even though it was posted later.

The hospital Scalise is in is LYING and setting up his death

This is super easy to prove.

Here is what the hospital said at 8:30 PM:

Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet travelled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding. He was transported in shock to MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a Level I Trauma Center. He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations. We will provide periodic updates.

My response: That statement is a LIE, and there is cold hard proof of that! If you are in shock, you are NOT in good spirits, no, you are completely dazed and have lost color, and are delirious and probably hallucinating. I can prove the hospital's statement is a lie, BECAUSE POLITICO REPORTED THIS:

Prior to entering surgery, the Whip was in good spirits and spoke to his wife by phone." - Politico. AND NOW HE'S ON HIS DEATH BED? HOW?????!


Scalise entered the hospital in FAIR condition. Fair condition means you can be missing an arm or leg, or have some other horrible injury, but your vital signs read completely normal. Scalise had perfectly normal vital signs when he entered the hospital. Then he leap frogged right over serious condition (where vital signs are no longer normal) to critical condition (where vital signs indicate you might die.) Folks, that can't happen in todays world. You don't go from fair condition to critical condition unless something causes it.

Trump responded to this by sending his own white house doctor to oversee Scalise. AND WHAT HAPPENED THEN? CNN and other commie news outlets flipped out, and started shredding Trump for sending a doctor he trusts to oversee Scalise! It does not take a huge brain to figure out why!

Here's why: If Scalise went from fair to critical condition, someone who wanted him dead caused it, just like Seth Rich. And someone at CNN knows the plot, and that Scalise was sent to that hospital to die. And now, because Trump sent a doctor that is not there to kill Scalise, CNN can't handle it and is whining and moaning about it. And if Scalise died, there will be a real doctor right there, to say it was caused by foul play.

I believe Scalise was sabotaged during the surgery, which was botched on purpose to kill him. That's the only way digging a bullet out of a hip is going to put someone who was perfectly stable and in fair condition, into critical condition. You can't go from fair condition to critical condition like that. It just does not happen. He's being Seth Rich'd NO IFS OR BUTS. Scalise was a good guy. He was one of us. Let's hope Trump's appointment of a trustworthy doctor saved him.

It looks like Scalise is going the way of Seth Rich

Correct me if I am wrong here, but I don't recall getting shot in the hip as being potentially fatal unless you are out in the woods and can't get to a hospital and you bleed to death, or you don't take care of it and die of an infection.

It is now known that Seth Rich was walking when they took him to the hospital - he could walk, and did not even know he had been shot. Maybe he was not shot. And maybe Scalise has a superficial wound and is now being killed at the hospital, JUST LIKE SETH RICH.

It seems odd to me that he went from "fair and stable" condition to critical condition, once you hit the hospital, it usually goes from fair and stable to good condition, does it not? This is one to watch no doubt. If we don't keep an eye on this they will probably kill him.

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Valid points. They're fallback is if you repeat the lie long enough probably there are enough sheeple who'll believe it.


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