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Friends, prepare yourselves. As I have mentioned in previous emails, the exponential expansion of wireless technology is in full progress. And the exponential increase in human dis-ease will follow accordingly in its footsteps at the exact same pace.

Cities are becoming and will continue to be wireless radiation saturated environments. Only those with the most resilient and robust of temperaments will be able to endure the constant levels of microwave exposure. Others will develop symptoms of various types, never knowing the cause of their discomfort.

Even here, in a remote part of the island of Hawaii, I went to a music gathering the other night at the Kalani Retreat Center to listen to kirtan music. I was surrounded by 5 or 6 or more people all getting their email or texting on their smartphones. There was also wireless being pumped through the space of the venue.

I left the building after the second song with my brain swelling up inside my skull, with a pounding headache, and feeling very irritated with the so-called "spiritual" and "conscious" people who are just as close to being zombie wireless addicts as anyone else who is so-called "less conscious!" And this location was in the middle of the jungle in Hawaii, by the ocean, without any cell towers for miles! Imagine what larger cities are turning into!

Click on the link below and watch the first video. I am sending you this link not because of the title regarding government spying; that is the least of our concerns. I am sending this so you can watch the short video and see what will be happening around us in most all large cities in the years to come. And listen to the tone of the voice over, how positive and uplifting all these changes are considered to be.

My advice?

1) Own a radio frequency meter. Learn how to use it to discern relatively safe and healthy environments in which to live and work.

2) Never, and I mean NEVER, even if you have to move, should you live in an apartment building or condominium complex with adjacent neighbors. This type of living is done, finished, for anyone who wants to live a somewhat healthy life. 99% of the time, with a few rare exceptions, these are no longer healthy environments to live in. The microwave/wireless radiation will be potentially coming through the walls from the ceiling, the floors if there are people living below you, and from the sides. This is sort of like living in an enclosed microwave oven 24/7.

3) Move outside the cities where the wireless exposure levels are lower. Use a radio frequency/microwave meter to choose safe locations. You need a meter for discernment because you will not always visually see potential sources of microwave radiation.

4) Be very cautious when buying new cars, you will need a radio frequency meter. The bluetooth will be blasting through the car and you will need to find out if that optioin can be easily disabled. As well, there will be new wireless technologies in cars where they can communicate to each other. Driving inside cars will again become like another little microwave oven environment!

5) Remove all wireless devices from your home. Use wired internet connections, wired printers, mice, keyboards, corded landlines.

6) Please do not be arrogant and ignorant (lacking education), thinking that just because you do not feel the effects of using your cell phone that your biology is not being affected. This is ludicrous! You will have the same biological consequences from wireless radiation exposure as the people who complain of symptoms from wireless exposure. It is just that some people will experience the symptoms and some will not. A human body is a human body, each of us will be affected in various ways. Some people are stronger with more resilience, but everyone is affected. Wireless radiation exposure does not kill anyone immediately, it is CUMULATIVE in its effects. Start taking positive steps now for creating a healthier future.

7) Start speaking up and educating people. It helps! I went to a drum class yesterday at a different retreat center. I noticed 10 people walking in with their cell phones. I offered a somewhat upbeat and gentle suggestion to the drum teachers so everyone could hear: "May I request that we all turn off our cells phones just during the drum circle so we can create a more sacred space?" My request slipped right in with no resistance or bad vibes from anyone.

I am starting a new Integrative Awakening/SourcePoint Experience group here in Hawaii on Tuesday nights. The introduction email I sent out to those who will be attending had the request that all cell phone be left in the car and not brought into the home.

My friend Ajaya Sommers will be a presenter at the upcoming Nonduality and Science conference in the bay area. She will be providing guided meditations for embodiment. I suggested that she may want to ask the audience to put their phones on airplane mode when she does her presentation.

There is plenty of room for creativity and education to hopefully wake people up before they become the future wireless zombies.                                                                                                                                                          

Smart City" is really government spying on an unimaginable scale



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Thanks for this! 

Getting a meter is great advice, unfortunately most people will struggle to understand how to use it. Future Job: Start classes in their use.

Re the vid, why do you need to talk something up and sell it so obviously if its so good in all respects?

Noticed they said "even monitor air quality" why do you need that if part of your plan is to do away with infernal combustion? What you need is EMF and  IR (Ionising) monitoring but that would be slightly counterproductive...

Fantastic article.  I'm sharing this with a friend coming over to see me tomorrow. She and I are trying to keep the electric company from putting smart meters on our properties. 


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