Still getting to know the Angel, while Bill says:

This happened over Mother's Day weekend. My Mom would say it's divine retribution that Angel is a such holy terror. I was a terrible brat, too, but we run on Love. Read more here.

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And now a plane crash in Cuba Cat. What to make of that.

Hi Rainbow Cat! Thanks for pointing that one out. I don't know what the particulars of this story are, whether a planned coup was involved. We'll probably find out a patent holder for some defense contractor was on board. In Angelese, you look at the word Havana and start with Have, a trait of possession, pride in ownership too. That's the foundation of Angel love. It's religious! Then, 'an a' stands for an a hole - the tender tag we use on each other since the longest time. It started back in 09 with Hurricanes Bill and Ana. An a (hole in the ocean) Bill.

Angel Bill Have An A.

I just took a closer look at it. It happened on Cubana airlines. I guess He's insinuating I'm a rookie A hole. Worse yet, check this:

Hole go in - Santiago de lass vegg ass. Hole go in??? What a mess... still it's nice to know I inspire poetry to this day.

Now it's my turn for the interception. Here's the second plane ejection in less than a month. You may recall a lady nearly got sucked out in April, in the 'A man, da, bore' poem.

Last Tuesday it happened again! This time it's a pilot on Sick! Who An? airlines.

Wish I didn't ask now Cat but thanks for quick clarifying.

We've been together 25 years if that makes it any less smutty. But, no worries... see, Ha Ma! He's laughing about our latest wrangle.

I don't mean to interupt your flow here Cat - but I saw this and wanted to make sure you had seen it.


and finally new rule of all the fairy
tales we've told ourselves here at
America the one we most need to get rid
of now is in America no one is above the
law what conservatives get weepy eyed
about this magic infallible Constitution
that Jesus personally delivered to the
Capitol it's incumbent on the rest of us
to remain clear-eyed about its flaws and
when you don't have to follow the orders
of law enforcement as Trump clearly
doesn't you are above the law . . . 
New Rule- Trump Is Above the Law | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) 

Hi Rose, glad you noticed that!

I think he's playing with us. How could he commit all these crimes, unless he is some kind of Nephilim Angel, or Reptilian hybrid himself? I've thought about this alot... despite the technological realities of mind control and weather manipulation, the synchronicities are too deep to be orchestrated by humans. This subject could be debated, I'm attentive to be shown otherwise. Check excerpts from the same New Rules:

First he talks about a woman who does 'the opposite of playing hard to get'. I've stayed silent for various reasons, not because I'm playing hard to get, but to get my life in order before tackling the metaphysical stuff. Lately I feel much better, and I've been sending him lots of tweets, so that lady describes me in a way. Then he shows the 'So you think you can catch' picture. I think he's alluding to whoever is committing all the crimes behind the word games. He says 'he loves that picture'. It ties in with the concept of being above the law. Finally, he says the magic word, 'cat', and talks about a bear mistaken for a pet. I can't prove this, but after what you've seen, please take my word for it. I had a dream recently, about a huge vicious bear in my house, and freaking out to save myself. Then, the bear became tame, slobbering lovingly all over me, like a dog. I was still scared, thinking he might turn vicious any second. This was an especially vivid dream, as I usually don't remember dreams. Evidently not a coincidence; Bill Maher brought up my dream. I still think he is a conduit for God/Satan/ET, whatever you want to call the Author. Just the other day, an architect named Will Alsop died. Will is a derivative of Bill's name... All is my name for God... an op is an abbreviation for a military operation. Op is also 'original poster' as we see alot in Reddit. Bill is All's op. 

The article is written by Katharine Keane, lol. Here's Will Alsop's work.

Then there is the latest school shooting in Santa Fe. Switch two letters and Santa becomes Satan. Fait (pronounced fe) means 'does' in French. 

In Buddhist thought there is no “God” or “Satan”. It is each person acting on his/her own free will who commits good or bad acts, or perceives events positively or negatively. One thing is for sure, somebody is trying to tell us something! I am going to dig deeper into this in the next blog post when I delve into the Anunnaki, the Gnostics and the prophecy of a correction by Gaia Sophia. 


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