It's Happening folks... these DEW attacks are completely crazy. Latest in Kenner Louisiana - on William's Blvd!

I'm freaked out, as you can see on Twitter:

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Do not freak out.  Just stay away from the crowds. 

This is a pre-programming stunt to condition the sheep to believe that the next fire-works display comes from outer space.    The show will go on until surveys indicate that the majority of sheep believe what the controllers want them to believe. 

I guess it is what we make of it. What's an alien anyhow, if deep down we're all fragments of the Source. I'm not freaking out as much as yesterday...

Wow.  Clearly things are not as they seem.  It makes me wonder how much of history and it's big events were constructed? and by whom? 

When I lost the idea of "outer space" was so very difficult....losing all that frontier....all those possibilities of discovery, civilizations.  Each time a new layer of the matrix is perceived, there is a type of perceptual earthquake that shakes everything right down to the marrow.    I followed the DEW fires in California.  And now this.  It is as if the entire process of.....what...?  Transformation of our world....has been accelerating dramatically over the last 20 years.  All of us watching these events probably suffer from some kind of shell shock.  It's as if I can't keep up and a part of me doesn't want to.  A part of me wants to climb into a quiet little safe space and go to sleep.....and dream a dream of paradise.

Yes, yes... I never expected most of what we're finding out.

I wish to offer you a totally different (possibly hopeful or and more exciting) perspective on the same realizations. 

When I lost the idea of "outer space" was so very difficult....losing all that frontier....all those possibilities of discovery, civilizations.

Instead of thinking that "outer" space means going up in the air to infinity, think of "outer" meaning going out horizontally to infinity. 

There is an unbelievable amount of untouched Antarcticle land out there accessible under-water or by flame-throwing a tunnel through snow and ice.    We are not the only pond-scum with a sun above us. 

Thank you, Charming Anarchist.  Indeed there are many new frontiers and it's quite comforting knowing there is no "vacuum of space" ready to suck us into oblivion.  It was actually my study of vacuums that convinced me about the earth's shape.  There are lots of kids on Youtube who put all kinds of things into their vacuum chambers.

Today I was wondering about Antarctica and how have they solved the energy equation to build stations and exist down there all year long?  Now China is building an airport there?  How will they power that one? It's my opinion that they have been selling us electricity that they get for free.  Just a thought.

Looks like glare on the lens, gut I'm mostly guessing.

I know whenever I point my camera directly into a very bright light I get the vertical beam of white which this guy describes as proof of a beam from above - yet you'll notice it goes both above and below the bright light and is essentially a lens flare.

When it comes to directed energy weapons, here is evidence they have been used since the heinous Panama invasion in 1989; about 1:30, talk of  lasers / advanced weaponry used in Panama. This was pure evil.

George H.W. Bush - revered for his service, one evil deed after another

The Panama Deception Conspiracy clip4

I didn't know all that about the Panama invasion. Bad stuff.


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