IT’S OVER: North and South Korea PLEDGE to END Korean War

 The leaders of North and South Korea held a historic summit Friday, with the rulers of each nation pledging to completely “denuclearize” the Korean peninsula and formally end the 68-year-long Korean War.

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Good point here:

When I see news of North Korea abruptly embracing peace talks just after meetings with China and not long after wild threats were tossed around of impending nuclear conflict, I wonder about the true nature behind the abnormal shift in rhetoric. When I see Trump suddenly speaking of Kim Jong-un as "very honorable" after months of trading character attacks on social media, I have to wonder when the next false flag event similar to the Damascus farce will strike?

There are already clear signs that all is not as it seems when it comes to a potential North Korea peace agreement.

By Anna Von Reitz (this would include both Koreas, dam so much BS)

Nuclear weapons are obsolete. They have been obsolete for decades. They are sitting around in rusting towers all over this planet connected by MS-DOS software that was in use thirty years ago.
Does everyone clearly understand that? It's possible that they could be deployed, but then, it's possible that I'll take up table dancing, too.
Defense systems have moved waaaaay beyond nuclear weapons, so far beyond that the biggest controversy about nuclear weapons today is how to safely dispose of them.
Iran is not stupid. Iran has some of the best mathematicians and scientists in the world. Iran knows that nuclear weapons are obsolete, horribly expensive, pollution nightmares, and under international sanctions.
It would be like sneaking around building contraband whale oil lamps. The whole idea of Iran coveting nuclear weapons is ludicrous.
These documents are as phony-baloney as all the other False Flags we've seen in recent days--- just a different kind of False Flag. And another example of Certain Parties trying to gin up World War III
with anybody for any reason.
Iran hasn't engaged in a war outside its own borders for over 200 years, so the idea that the Iranians are war-mongers being pitched by the Israelis is ironic to the point of tears.
And yes, Iranians may very well be shouting, "Death to America!" --- because like nearly everyone else, they are confused between "America" and "the British Territorial United States".
We've been victims, folks, and we've been chumps, confused as the Iranians about who we are and what we are doing ---- but like one Old Texan said today --- "I'm great and I'm getting better." And we won't be fooled again.
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What Netanyahu said about the Iranian nuclear program was chestnut. Since the mid-1990s he is repeating this worn out stuff like a mantra. He didn’t present a single new argument, but for Donald Trump, it will be enough ‘evidence’ to ultimately scarp the nuclear deal, what he wanted to do from day one of his presidency. The last person in his administration, Defense Secretary James Mattis, still sticks to reality and has declared many times that the Iranian government upholds its obligations.

Since Trump kicked out the last moderate members of his cabinet, the U. S. embarked on a course of a war. John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, two right-wing conservatives, and war-hawks do everything to eat out of the Israeli and Saudi hand. The fancy Nikki Haley should not be forgotten in this triumvirate. Pompeo just visited both countries.

Very good day for north and south Korea. And for the world. I think president Xi, Trump, Kim Jong Un and Moon should get a noble peace price. I heard that president Trump is going to meet with Kim Jong Un next month?. Let's pray that the world will rid of nukes.

I'm on your side.Guess we will get the chance to see if PEACE reigns supreme.No sarcasm here just hoping.

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you find yourself overwhelmed when trying to make sense of geopolitical developments and world affairs? You are not alone. The confusion is by design. It has been engineered to fatigue and throw America off-balance, and it’s working.

A lot of people have become burned out and confused with all the politics and rhetoric that have flooded the news cycle lately.

Have you noticed the “news blackout,” on the situation with Iran? It is not a coincidence. The blackout is intended to keep you from knowing about the coming conflict.

Presently, the propaganda machine is touting that Trump is going to bring peace to North Korea. But is this true? The summit is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore.

It is all to good to be true.

Shouldn't believe ANYTHING you read from MSM and only half of what you see from independents.... most of this is MSM, most of it is bolocks yet people still read it... even though they should know better.
May I say most of the globe is even less interested in what the US is doing than ever before. If they didn't have their media to keep up the hits, no one would give a toss as to what was happening to the US. Thinking people would say they (the US) deserve everything they get.

The Nobel Peace Prize givers fucked up with giving one to OB, lets face it, they need some good press.  The press is driven by pure lies and manipulation.  What's changed?


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