Residents of the picturesque town of Ojai and nearby Ventura describe their horror at the pace and ferocity of wildfires ravaging the Los Angeles area

Firefighters in Ventura, California, an oceanside city in southern California where the wildfires hit hardest.
Firefighters in Ventura, California, an oceanside city in southern California where the wildfires hit hardest. Photograph: Kyle Grillot/AFP/Getty Images

He had thick firemen’s hoses with brass nozzles set up around his property, a farmhouse which doubles as a yoga studio and healing centre. He was dressed in a thick coat and winter muffler which he doused with water so he could withstand intense heat, if necessary, to defend the home that he and his wife have enjoyed for the past nine years.

From his vantage point, he could look down to where the fire had started, in the hills above the valley town of Santa Paula, and trace the progress of its sinister orange glow as fierce winds caused it to whip up and down canyons and draw ever closer.

But de Wet was not ready, not for this. A transformer exploded in the hills, sending power lines crashing into the mountain chaparral and creating a whole new front of flames and heat. With the winds now reaching 80mph, his neighborhood was engulfed at dizzying speed.

“I watched as one structure after another would just ignite and burn, ignite and burn,” he recalled. “It was an inferno.”

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You guys are on the ball Cat and Rose: Insurance profits, national debt, disaster capitalism, subjugation and "RESILIENCE".

The NWO "raze and rebuild" plan is in progress globally!

The picture of the burning tree was from Oct.13 or 14th. I wish these pictures would be referred back to original post, it gets very confusing for us All.  As a child in Southern Louisiana, one night in the Fall we had severe Thunderstorm’s. In the middle of the night we were all awakened by what sounded like an explosion. It was lightning that hit a giant Oak tree in the back yard. This tree was probably 4’ in diameter. It split that tree about 5ft. long from the center of the tree. The tree did heal but the scar now 50+ years old probably is still very apparent. The power of Lightning, not wise to be outside or under a tree during Thunderstorm’s, especially the enhanced storm’s of these day’s.

Hi Cat, This picture was actually from the Napa and Sonoma Fires. You will see this very shot in the video’s from the N.California Fires. The Santa Ana wind’s are 40-60 mph winds that occur between Oct.-Dec. every year. The drought California is in,Now, has left homes vulnerable to sparks of Fire carried by the wind to houses and other structures, very dry. Of course Weather Manipulation is fueling the disaster. Remember earlier this year when California Flooding broke many years of drought ?  Many people were evacuated when Dam’s broke and catastrophic flooding occurred.

The next disaster will come when the Snow Melt in the Spring causes mudslides due to lack of ground cover because of the current Fires. Damn, the people of California just don’t get a break ! Fires, Flood’s, Earthquakes and now the awakening Volcano’s in Cali are all threat’s.  Prayer’s for the People, Animal’s domestic and wild plus the Beautiful Land of this part of Mother Earth are needed like never before. Blessing’s to All in the Path of these disaster’s.

Hi all, when we had the Port Hills fires here in Christchurch NZ earlier this year I happened to go to a workshop on GeoEngineering.

A lot of firefighters were talking about how intense these fires were and how difficult to get them under control. They would dampen down one spot and another would flare up for no obvious reason. I wondered if there was more to these fires than what the media were telling us.

The speaker is currently doing his thesis on the effects of GeoEngineering. I asked him if there is a link between GeoEngineering and the fires. He said yes.

All the chemicals dumped into the atmosphere end up in the soil, the water, plants and trees (and us of course). The main culprit is aluminium dioxide which can carry fire underground to another spot where a new spontaneous fire will flare up. Impossible to control because these chemicals are everywhere. GeoEngineering is an absolute crime against humanity!!

I was surprised to hear the government/corporate approved news had released the video of the tree burning from the inside out.  In doing so (along with the discussion about how unpredictable wild fire can be) they effectively "inoculated" the audience that was viewing the "programming".  The media was very fast to get out in front of the unnatural events which defines these fires.  Many people who have experienced wildfire first hand were quick to realize these events are definitely something else.  

It maybe true that "wildfires are very unpredictable".....but only to a point.  Wildfires do not reach temperatures that melt the rims off cars, over and over again. While some of the fire reaches high temperatures, most of the damage is done by fast moving, cooler flames that leave structures "scorched" but not reduced to white ash. Fires move by jumping through trees and brush.  The media was telling everyone that sparks blew into attics of houses and lit them from there. It sounds good, but again, without the wind to ignite the sparks, attics will be slow to ignite.  Those houses were specifically designed to withstand wild fire....similar to the design of the World Trade Centers to withstand a direct hit from an airplane.

We are such a highly controlled society that these obvious attacks are not perceived as such.  

The mangled remains of the CA 'fires' make it shockingly and abundantly clear - this is not due to global warming or even geoengineering. This is due to directed energy weapons - DEW. Meaning that even climate geo-engineering is a distraction! 

The far left and the far right have something in common in these times. We are becoming painfully aware of the hostile take over, hidden in plain sight. Are sociopath financiers behind this? Reptilians? Biblical Revelations? My Angel? A rude lesson in non-attachment? Or All of the above. 

Dr. Judy Wood basically said more research is needed to establish DEW in CA. Is she so terrified of the hostile implications she is backing out of her own research? Thanks to her work on 911, the awake public can recognize the physical evidence. Check alt right courier Ron Johnson's video. This image was taken from it, dramatically exposing DEW remains.

Used to look like this:

I still don't think we should panic; they could choose to bring on panic, but instead they operate covertly and give us a small time frame to escape. As far as I'm concerned, the bottom line remains: we are not physical, we are spiritual, and our reaction to physical loss does not have to be torture and stress. Stay safe.


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