Italians Take to the Streets to Protest New Mandatory Vaccination Law – CENSORED from US corporate media

Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

Readers from Italy have been contacting Health Impact News this past week, asking us to cover the massive demonstrations happening throughout Italy to protest a new mandatory vaccine law. This news has been censored from the U.S. corporate media.

Francesca Alesse, who worked with the VAXXED film team to get the film shown in Italy last year, writes:

In an unprecedented way, the decree-law proposed by the Minister of Health has been signed by the sitting Italian president Sergio Mattarella. Only four vaccines were mandatory in Italy, now that number triples to 12.

No other decree-law has moved so fast in the Italian legislative system, the reasons of such hurry are incomprehensible considering that the Istituto Superiore Di Sanità (the local version of the CDC) has declared that contrary to what stated in the decree itself there is no objective urgency. There are no epidemics, the number of cases of measles or meningitis in the current year have been substantially lower than the previous year.

Thousands of parents have protested the new law this past June 3rd,  protests and marches have taken place in 21 Italian cities spread across the nation. A national protest is scheduled for this Sunday June 11th.

The translated full text of the decree-law is found here.


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People accept forcing vaccines on everyone because they believe it's for the 'greater good' in the evolution of society in an over populated living on a dying planet.  They can't believe they're being lied to either because they believe in their own lies.  

has anybody seen this video? I copied it and put on YT recently from a new fb page in protest on the Italian stuff going on. I've made the title low key since I figure YT may take it down given the censoring of all things important ATM everywhere. The woman in the video speaks powerfully. I'm not sure where things are up to there now? 

I wish I could read the translation

don't know why that is Rose, I can read it?? This was my final attempt by videoing off my pc screen. Every single time I tried the sound wouldn't translate into the movie on Windows. Don't know if that's censorship or just technical. I'll try again eventually& repost it. Don't know where this goes though. Not sure what's currently happening with their 'mandate'. 


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