Jacinda Arden and Light Rail: A Fabian Slant On The New World Order Plan For New Zealand

Jacinda Arden and Light Rail: A Fabian Slant On The New World Order Plan For New Zealand

Light Rail 2030

Counting down to the NZ general elections, suddenly things are getting interesting, thanks to Jacinda Arden and Light rail!

Back in May last year, Labour announced it’s Light Rail plan in a “Fact Sheet”

“Transport has concluded that light rail offers the best benefit to cost ratio, compared to heavy rail and bus rapid transport, to improve transport in the suburbs of the isthmus. Its business case found that existing transport is already at capacity and light rail is needed as soon as possible.
Auckland Council had included the light rail line as part of its 2016-2026 10 year plan. The Government’s Auckland Transport Alignment Plan has pushed it back to after 2028 despite acknowledging that passenger demand requires it within the coming decade. Labour is keen to begin work on the light rail line as soon as possible and will work with Auckland Council to make funding this project a priority within ten years.
Half of the cost of the light rail line will be met by central government. This is estimated at $680m and will be met from unallocated funds in future years of the National Land Transport Programme without the need for additional revenue. The other half of the cost will be met by Auckland Council.”

(Excerpt from Labour Fact Sheet document).


This plan didn’t exactly make waves. Barely a ripple.

Now, counting down to the general elections, the labour party, flagging in popularity, makes a bold move. Replacing “old and boring” Andrew Little with fresh and vibrant Jacinda Arden, the Fabian “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” of choice, and very much in line with the youth-appeal agenda of UK’s Labour Party.


A brilliant political move: The media spotlight changes from Blue to Red as National has the rug pulled out from under their feet. The Nats might as well not exist as far as the TV news is concerned.

And Arden’s first big announcement? The Light Rail Plan! The media goes wild, like Arden just pulled this out of her hat at the last moment:


So what? Good idea, great way to ease congestion in gridlocked Auckland. But, this is of course all part of the UN 2030 Agenda global plan and I have little doubt Booz Allen Hamilton will come creeping out of the woodwork as part of this. Even as I write this, the TV is blaring Arden’s “superstar reception” and commenting on “Jacindamania” amid her repeated use of the phrase “World Class Cities” as she makes the Light Rail announcement. In the global scheme of things I see the last minute Labour Party bombshell and sudden focus on light rail as a sign of the rapid progression of the New World Order agenda to have all the pieces in place by the year 2030.

Martin Harris


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If you want to make some money, invest in rail stocks. A friend of mine had a bunch of railroad stocks that never amounted to anything until about 10 years ago when suddenly they started paying her enough money to live on.  The Construct ("They") are building the extensive rail system that will connect human colonies.  Of course we are paying for it.

It might be too late to invest. My friend had those stocks from the time she was a kid.  Her dad had bought them for her.  She was 60 years old before they started really paying off.  Who would have thought they'd be interested in building an extensive rail system in such a constricting economy?  Agenda 2030....yup!

I wonder how China is getting on with it's underground/undersea link to the US? I must take a look and see what became of that plan!

Rail is the future guys. Rely on the system, not your autonomy. You'll go where they say, when they say, and you'll be so easy to track with your smartcard railpass...or chip implant!!

No microchip: no transport.

... or on ya bike!

Yup, did that for six years, 40km a day rain or shine, no car, just a bike!

aaw good on ya Martin! I used to back in the day especially when I had no car. Can't do it these days unfortunately for a raft of reasons. 

Travelling by rail is an interesting experience. I recently traveled to Auckland by bus & then a short walk to the rail. Not being a resident made it difficult to even get on the multi million $$$ electric train, as Martin said easy to track the slaves with a rail pass as I think they need name  address & DOB to get one plus it costs $15 for the card & a min of $10 for travel. If you want to top up online they get a phone /mobile number & the email address too.

It costs more for a paper ticket too plus the log off wont accept it. It mean going to the office first, causing me to miss the bus connection & a 20 min wait for the next bus. For those lucky to be allowed to live past 65 who have a super gold card, that has to be loaded on the card or flashed to get a freebie ticket after 9am. 

The interest to me was seeing the dark underside of what we see from the street. The glossy retail fronts & increasing numbers of 2 level flats 6 to 12 to a section, the contrasting fronts of ordinary houses in varying states of decay & mostly on street parking for vehicles, is like a turd rolled in glitter & an indicator of deprivation of the slaves.

From the comfort of the rail carriage we see the turd before being rolled in glitter, in spite of the run down fences trying to hide the mess of decaying, poorly maintained houses. Even the 2 level flats maybe 5 years old with maybe a token high concrete barrier for noise reduction look like slums already. Whole culdesac streets that had maybe 12 houses for 24 people are demolished & replaced with up to 4 levels of 2 bedroom boxes for up to 1152 agenda 2030 slave sardines aka people. 2 level flats at the same density for 288 people is shocking enough.

The creepy part for me was the orwellian loudspeaker anouncements before & after each station. Helpful to a point but one could see what station it was by looking out the window.

Being reminded to log off, that you could be asked to show your card or ticket at any time, repeated many times was the creepy big brother bit. At least there are no adverts or slave compliance slogans  ...yet. 

".....a turd rolled in glitter....."


Exactly true.

You see arial shots of cities all lit up and glittering....as if we are supposed to feel proud of what "we" have built....but upon closer inspection it's just another turd rolled in glitter.  Our "civilization" is in decay and dressed up so most don't notice much.

I see the slave compliance slogans at my full time factory job every day. Only a matter of time before they are broadcasting 'em

Well noted Martin and good article. The old me might have stood up and championed her cause and rallied the troops to bring about a new fresh face in government. The old me would have whooped for joy at any possibility to reduce traffic congestion in my old home city. The old me would probably have enjoyed zipping around the city of sails in my flash new carriage, staring at glitter covered turds from my comfy, ergonomically designed slave-seat. That was the old me.

The new me doesn't trust politicians as far as I can kick them The new me says "F**K THE GOVERNMENT. CHANGE THE SYSTEM!"

Thanks Saru G, I hope you don't mind, I copied your powerful message and word-smithery to the comments section of this article at Uncensored.

Spreading the word!

I reckon. Watching the Agenda closely these days & especially in our small rural communities which are showing evidence IMO of the 'shut down' agenda. The Manawatu Gorge, a main arterial route for the east coast to services in the central NI is now closed with no view in sight of any replacement except the potholed run down tracks over the very high hills/ranges. Doesn't add up if you don't know about the Agenda. So obvious if you do. I see it other places too, small businesses can't hold their ground because of big stuff ups with the roads & media. Rolling in fast.   In Auckland, the prop developers willis & bond in building htese apartments comment in the fact they have basement garages, that aucklanders aren't ready YET to give up their cars ... straight Agenda 21 http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/video.cfm?c_id=1503079&...

they also comment on complete surveillance, keeping everyone safe, 'not that they're not safe already' they add (in case youre suspicious)

Willis & Bond purchased the Horowhenua pensioner flats recently at a firesale price in partnership with the compassion sisters their front company started up a week before the sale. More agenda 21/30


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