Jeff Sessions re-criminalizes cannabis nationwide… the full TYRANNY of Washington D.C. lunatics is now on display

Image: Jeff Sessions re-criminalizes cannabis nationwide… the full TYRANNY of Washington D.C. lunatics is now on display

(Natural News) By now, you’ve probably heard that U.S. DOJ head Jeff Sessions just “re-criminalized” all cannabis nationwide, regardless of state-based legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use.

“The Justice Department chief effectively withdrew federal guidelines that helped limit prosecutions of businesses and individuals who sold pot in a legal manner under state law because marijuana sales are still banned under federal law,” reports The Daily Sheeple. “Sessions, a hard-liner against the push to legalize marijuana, has vowed to take a tougher stance since joining the Trump administration last year.”

“Instead of going after ‘high crimes’ committed by public servants that put our republic in grave danger, Sessions is instead hyper-focused on…pot,” writes JD Heyes for Natural News. “Now, it seems, Trump’s AG believes marijuana poses a bigger threat to public law and order than, say, mishandling reams of classified information that can be used by our enemies to blackmail our officials, undermine our diplomatic efforts, and generally put all 323 million-plus Americans in grave danger.”

Natural News and the Health Ranger call for Jeff Sessions to immediately resign (or be fired)

Simply stated, Jeff Sessions needs to go. Functioning as little more than a throwback to the days of “Reefer Madness” and hyper-paranoia against cannabis, Sessions has also proven himself to be utterly and completely useless at draining the swamp. Beyond a mere disappointment, Jeff Sessions now demonstrates that he is a cowardly menace to the liberties and freedoms of all Americans.

This is especially true for veterans who depend on medical cannabis to treat their serious health conditions while avoiding dangerous, suicide-inducing prescription pharmaceuticals.

It’s also true for all those individuals attempting to avoid addictive opioid drugs. Cannabis products safe, non-addictive and affordable alternatives for pain treatment, ultimately saving governments hundreds of millions of dollars a year in conventional pain treatment costs (and prescription painkillers that are devastating America today).

Finally, access to natural medicine is a fundamental human right that Jeff Sessions now seems determined to obliterate in his misguided quest to assert woefully outdated federal laws across state lines. If there were ever an argument for the Tenth Amendment, this is it! States, not deranged bureaucrats in Washington, should decide these issues for themselves. In fact, many states have already decided. Yet Sessions seeks to veto the will of the people and take away their rights and freedoms, even if it means sending armed DEA agents from Washington D.C. to California to conduct armed SWAT-style raids on cannabis dispensaries.

It’s pure totalitarianism, folks. You are watching the utter criminality and deranged power of the federal government on display with all this. Read the new book, “Psychopathocracy” by Greg Caton if you really want to know the full story on the runaway criminality of Big Government.

Sessions becomes a national disgrace that will severely harm the reputation of the GOP

For Republicans who are concerned about winning the contentious mid-term elections in 2018, if you don’t get rid of Jeff Sessions and bring the DOJ into the 21st century, you can kiss your ballot box victories goodbye. No one in America is going to vote for a political party that criminalizes them for accessing natural medicine which has already been legalized in their home states.

Is Jeff Sessions seriously asserting the “right” of federal DEA agents to put a gun to the head of some California pot user, charge them with felony possession, and haul them off to a federal prison for several years even when recreational pot is now perfectly legal in California? The very idea is beyond insane; it’s totalitarian at its core… almost North Korean in its arrogance and stupidity. (Perhaps Jeff Sessions can go work for Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, where turning ordinary citizens into enemies of the state is routine business… or maybe he can use federal money to build “pot gulags” to incarcerate veterans who dare seek natural medicine for pain relief.)

If anyone from the Trump administration is listening, demand Jeff Sessions’ immediateresignation. He has become the swamp! Sessions now demonstrates everything that people across America hate about Washington. Sessions is almost Clintonesque in this move, somehow claiming that he’s “harmonizing” the rules to uphold law and order across the country, but really saying that armed federal agents can now take away your life, your liberty, your assets and your freedom if they catch you smoking a legal joint.

What President Trump must do right now to avoid impeachment and a disastrous mid-term election result

Here at Natural News, we will not stand for this police state insanity from the Trump administration. President Trump needs to cut Sessions loose right now and replace him with somebody who can do two important things:

1) Prosecute the traitors and criminals from the FBI, DOJ and DNC who obstructed justice and engaged in clear corruption. (“Drain the swamp.”)

2) Declare cannabis legalization to be a states’ rights issue. Get the feds out of the way and let states do what they wish.

Jeff Sessions has proved that he can do neither. He is useless baggage. A coward. An obstructionist. Dead weight for the Trump administration and a blight on America.

Jeff Sessions must go. If the GOP doesn’t get rid of him, he will drag the entire party down with him and the 2018 mid-terms will be a political slaughter. That, in turn, will result in President Trump being impeached by a Democrat-run Congress, which is exactly what the legacy media and democrat operatives have been gunning for. That’s why they love this decision by Jeff Sessions… it plays right into the hands of the Democrats who actually represent big government tyranny across a vast array of subjects. But on marijuana, Sessions is the one playing the tyranny card, and he’s making a complete fool of himself and the entire Trump administration in the process.

Anyone who wants to win the upcoming presidential election in 2020 should simply announce their support for ending marijuana prohibition nationwide. They will win in a landslide for the simple reason that health freedom is incredibly popular.

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Burn the constitution!!....(It's made of hemp. Could be dangerous)

Think it burned in the metaphorical sense long ago Saru G.

Good point though

Natural News seems to have missed the real culprit here by just looking at symptoms. It sticks out that big pharma is behind this & is reacting to loss of sales for their toxic opioids. Corruption rules.

Trump drained the swamp into his cabinet like any good globalist puppet.

Sessions is also protecting the private prisons' investors as well as reinvigorating the corrupt,lucrative war on drugs.

Trump is "Hope and Change" part 2.

Marijuana is a plant that is produced by seed and that naturally grows without chemical processing. Not even wine is that simple. God said in two places in the book of Genesis that plants and animals were made for us for our benefit and that is inclusive of "All plants bearing seed,."
No government has the right to dictate and override the word of God as it has been written. The judicial system, in court tells individuals about to give testimony that they must, "place their right hand on the Bible and left hand in the air swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." Obviously the judicial system sees some validity and value as far as upholding the Bible as a book of truth yet they fail to recognize the truth clearly written in the Book of Genesis.
All of this is nothing more than criminal extortion and human rights violations of the citizens of any country by their government and state. Marijuana prohibition is nothing more than a criminal way for the government and state to make money at the expense of the people and robbery of their rights and liberties.
The government has further violated freedom by telling citizens what they can consume. They don't understand what to do anyway. Look at the FDA and how one minute is approves drugs and then later bans them. For years propaganda has been spouted telling us the values of vitamins for the human body. Recently the FDA makes the claim "vitamins are worthless in the treatment of serious diseases and have little value; that might be dangerous." So we are being controlled, manipulated and told what we can consume and cannot from an agency that doesn't know how to do this.

When it comes to marijuana, it is not about medical benefit which it has, it is about your freedom, Godly rights given to every person and your liberty that has been robbed from you by your government and state. For decades we have begged the government to legalize marijuana passively and diplomatically. 58 percent of the American population desires that marijuana be completely legalized. So why isn't it legal? The government is not representing the citizens of the country and the states.
This is simple, if you don't desire to consume marijuana in some way then don't but don't rob the freedoms and liberties away from those of us that desire to consume it. Who is forcing anyone's hand to consume marijuana?
You as a people don't need to ask the government to legalize marijuana anymore than you have for decades. You need to make war and take your rights and liberties back, if necessary. No politician should be allowed to win an election if they are not fully in favor of legalizing marijuana. Don't vote for anyone that does not support the full legalization of marijuana. The potential benefits financially in regard to the U.S. and also international trade is enormous.

Ron Paul: Just Say No To Jeff Sessions – OpEd

Attorney General Jeff Sessions kicked off the New Year by reversing the Obama-era guidance for federal prosecutors to limit their enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. In what is almost certainly not a coincidence, Sessions’ announcement came days after California’s law legalizing recreational marijuana sales went into effect. Sessions’ action thus runs counter to the wishes of the majority of the people in the most populous US state, as well the people of the 28 other states (and DC) that have legalized some form of marijuana use.

Federal laws criminalizing marijuana and other drugs have failed to reduce drug use. However, they have succeeded in giving power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats what was, before 9-11, the go-to justification for violating our civil liberties. The federal war on marijuana has also wasted billions of taxpayer dollars. Far from reducing crime, outlawing drugs causes crime by ensuring criminals will control the market for drugs. Outlawing drugs also provides incentives for drug dealers to increase the potency, and thus the danger, of drugs, as higher potency products take up less space and are thus easier to conceal from law enforcement.

The US Constitution does not give the federal government any authority to criminalize marijuana. Thus, the question of whether marijuana is legal is one of the many issues reserved to the states under the Tenth Amendment. If the Constitution gives Congress the power to ban marijuana, then why was it necessary to amend the Constitution to give Congress the power to ban alcohol?

Sessions’ usurpation of state marijuana laws is the type of federal intrusion into state issues usually opposed by conservatives. Sadly, too many conservatives are just as willing to sacrifice constitutional government and individual liberties for the war on drugs as they are for the war on terror.

Conservative hypocrisy is especially strong when it comes to medical marijuana. Many Americans have used medical marijuana for conditions such as cancer and glaucoma. Yet many conservatives who (properly) decry Obamacare’s mandate forcing every American to purchase health insurance cheer Jeff Sessions’ effort to deprive suffering individuals of the medical treatment of their choice. Cruel paternalism in healthcare policy is often associated with progressives, but unfortunately conservatives are just as guilty.

States that have legalized medical marijuana have fewer deaths related to opioid abuse. These states have also experienced a decrease in crime and black market activity. This is perhaps because some have found medical marijuana a viable alternative to opioids.

Laws outlawing marijuana criminalize peaceful behavior that, while potentially harmful to the individual, does not violate the rights of others. Therefore, these laws, like all laws authorizing government force against peaceful, if immoral, actions, are incompatible with a free society. Once again we see the hypocrisy of conservatives who decry progressives’ war on tobacco and fatty foods, yet support jailing marijuana users.

Federal laws outlawing marijuana violate the Constitution, justify violations of civil liberties, and increase violence. By criminalizing nonviolent behavior voluntarily chosen by individuals, drug laws undermine the moral principles underlying a free society.

President Trump should fire Jeff Sessions and replace him with someone who respects the Constitution and individual liberty. Also, officials from states with legal medical or recreational marijuana should refuse to cooperate with those tasked with enforcing federal marijuana laws. If President Trump and state officials stand up for liberty, the people will join them in saying no to Jeff Sessions.

This article was published by RonPaul Institute.


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