I have been fighting Grave's Disease (hyperthyroidism) for nine years and my thyroid specialist has dropped me after refusing surgery to remove my enlarged thyroid.

I was scheduled to have a complete thyroidectomy at the Medical University of South Carolina and my surgeon made it very clear that I should take a steroid for seven days prior to the surgery to avoid bleeding to death.

I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis  in 2001 due to my poor diet which is a result of Leaky Gut Syndrome .


I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease in 2009 following the birth of my first daughter, Caroline. 


Six months later I dropped from 170lbs to 129lbs (before my Grave's Disease diagnosis). Due to misdiagnosis and prescription treatments for psychological issues instead of Grave's, I was taking strong medications like Klonopin which only worsened my disease.


As a computer system administrator I was on a cellphone with a bluetooth earpiece and a high-powered WiFi router five feet from my head (60 hours a week) for over three years prior to my diagnosis. 

I live downwind of Shaw Air Force base, Shaw Bombing Range, and Sumter Airport so I have been breathing heavy metals my entire life. I also had ten mercury amalgam fillings, have eaten GMO crap my entire life, smoked cigarettes, and drank caffeine heavily for over twenty years. 

It is my belief that my thyroid is full of heavy metals and that is why I am very sensitive to electromagnetic signals  (WiFi and Cellphones) and my weakened digestive tract is the the cause of my "autoimmune disease."
Read more at https://www.gofundme.com/fixmythyroid

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Reading this and the link, makes it even more clear that we must attend to our health as soon as any symptoms show them selves. The way we have been taught is to see the doctor only when the situation is serious. 

All the best Jim.

much aroha to you and your family - appreciate the exposure of the medikill system Jim.  It is a journey indeed - we are still finding our way back to health but with healers like Dr Kyle Neely - we are BLESSED in Nelson NZ.

Misdiagnosed for two years??  Surely that's incompetence, my doc was onto it IMMEDIATELY, the symptoms were that obvious from the start.

and now he's been shoved off the list - and what happens when he can't refill prescriptions of medications that can cause stroke/heart attack?

Thank you to the 6+ members thus far that have made a donation to Jim Lee's health!  We know how hard it can be to find that extra in the pockets these days so those that have ~ You're AWESOME!

Thanks to all my friends at The ConTrail. I really appreciate you all and I am proud to link back to this fine community on https://weathermodificationhistory.com/ 

Thanks for the prayers and donations. We shall overcome. (And fuck those doctors) =P



Get some Browns Gas also......


It warms my heart to see this post, Rose,  and your support for Jim Lee who ( as far as I can see ) is never anything but candid and up-front about his situation, and exceptionally talented in the skills needed to be able to create his educational websites, which I have found to be among the very best ( if not THE BEST ) to be found online.

Considering the health issues and stuff-ups from the medical " experts " it's a miracle how Jim has been able to do the outstanding work he has already done, and continues to do... With my meagre resources, I have already felt compelled to donate towards Jim's attendance at the Weather Modification Conference in Austin, Texas in January this year,( he has produced some excellent videos of interviews with various scientists at that conference ) as well as another one towards his ongoing general expenses since then.

I intend to give a little more, when I can...it will mean maybe going without a new pair of jeans a little longer, but heck, what's more important? !!

Let's keep sending the love from Aotearoa!

Look into potassium iodine for your issue


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