To all my NZ emailers. You may have heard the banker-controlled media report over the past few days that PM John Key is considering introducing a new “land tax” on foreign property speculators similar to Victoria in Australia to SUPPOSEDLY help suppress the house and property price rises bubble.
Well, unlike everyone else, it seems, I thought I would take the time this evening to research what it involves in Victoria by the COMMUNIST/FASCIST Victorian State Government. Much to my surprise (really not a surprise), it is very nasty indeed, and is in the early stages of confiscating everyone’s properties with an exemption for you own home and a few others. Here are the current rates in Victoria:  The threshold for individuals is $250,000, but for “Trusts” is just $25,000. There is a massive attack against trusts! At present primary land is exempt if not in a trust – but of course, the present list of exemptions and relatively low Land Tax rates are only the beginning, and I predict will lead to FULL PROPERTY CONFISCATION!
I will predict in a relatively short space of time the rates in Victoria will go up ten-fold! It’s based on the old banking pirate strategy for introducing tolls on new privatized highways. First you open the new road with a low $2 toll to get all the masses used to it. Then when you’ve got all the sheep regularly using it, you increase the toll to $12 then $20 – and in no time all of a sudden you realize the sheep have all been fleeced of their last dimes!
A few years ago, the NZ Treasury (run by devious foreign banking pirates here) proposed a similar tax called a “Residential Property Equity Tax” that would apply to all property including all homes and farmland WITH NO EXEMPTIONS FOR THE FAMILY HOME (unlike Australia at present) – but fortunately, it was firmly rejected then by the then government. Now they’re coming back again, cunningly trying to introduce it as “Land Tax” (but at first only for greedy foreign speculators who are being blamed for pushing house prices up) – when in reality, it is easy credit, low interest rates and excessive immigration that is the real cause of rapidly pushing house prices up – being pushed by the banking pirates themselves. Of course, the banker-controlled media will never blame the banking pirate crooks who in effect are mortgaging the whole country lock, stock and barrel to themselves.
While this is not only unique to Australia and New Zealand – May I ask the profound question? Are we all so downright apathetic and mentally retarded to just sit back and put up with all this tyranny without even ushering a single word? What a Socialist madhouse? All totally designed to destroy the wealth of those who work hard!

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Is there an election this year? If so the red/green tie suit criminals will be told to do it.


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