Gardening Articles for week ending 15th JULY 2017

We are now past the shortest day and heading quickly into a new season and hopefully a better one than last year.

There is plenty of things to do; you may have not completed the ones that concern you and your gardening activities. Here are a few at this time:

POTATOES: If you like to grow a few or a lot of potatoes and have suffered psyllid problems in the past then now is the time to get a crop into the soil. Early potatoes mature in about 90 days which means harvesting in October/November if planted about now.

This means you can get your spuds harvested before the psyllid populations build up in the warmer months. Dont worry about frosts by following this method.

Dig a trench a spade or more deep in a sunny area of the garden. Under each, already sprouted potato place a small handful of sheep manure pellets, a half tea spoon of BioPhos, a heaped tea spoon of Rok Solid and a small handful of Wallys Neem Tree Powder.

Sprinkle a little soil over the ingredients to just cover and then sit you seed potato on top with its eyes up.

Cover with soil just sufficient to cover the sprouts which then protects them from frost. Every day check the plantings; if any leaves are showing cover with a little more soil.

Repeat this process till the trench is filled up and then start mounding to cover and protect foliage.

Once you have a good size mound you can let the foliage go but if it is looking like any late frosts spray foliage with Vaporgard or cover at night with frost cloth.

This method allows the haulm (stalk) to produce new potatoes all the way up to where the foliage starts out of the soil, increases the possibilities of a big crop.

When you finish mounding, side dress the plants with more Neem Tree Powder. Early varieties are ready to harvest when they flower and because of the psyllid problem either harvest the whole crop or cut off tops so the pests cant ruin the crop.

Getting the crop out by October period means you have room for summer crops.

GLASSHOUSES: If your glasshouse is free of any plants then you can fumigate it by burning sulphur powder. Just follow the instructions on our sulphur powder packet.

It is very important at the beginning of the season is to prevent insect pests getting established.

Hang some sticky yellow whitefly traps near entrance, vents and above new plants. These traps will catch lots of adult pests which would have laid lots of eggs on your new season plants.

If you have 230v power in your glasshouse then visit this web page

For about $24.00 you can get a Electric Mosquito Fly Bug Insect Zapper Killer With Trap Lamp.

Ideal for trapping and killing most insect pests on the wing. I brought three for my own use and if they were certified for NZ use I would have purchased a lot to sell. They have an overseas plug which means you need an adapter to use or change the plug to one that fits our power sockets.

Ideal for inside and in outdoor entertainment areas as well as in glasshouse. The web site has lots of interesting products that are at very low prices.

When you plant out into your glasshouse either in the soil or containers use plenty of Wallys Neem Tree Powder to keep pest insects at bay.

If you grow into the soil of your glasshouse then you may want to suppress any diseases in the soil by drenching with Wallys Terracin.

As there are live bacteria in the product so do not use chlorinated water to mix in the water or it will not work.. Three weeks later you drench the soil again but this time with Wallys Mycorrcin mixed with non-chlorinated water.

FRUIT TREES (Deciduous) New season trees about to arrive into the garden centres so place your orders now.

Apple, Pear and Walnut trees affected by codlin moth should have a good sprinkling of Wallys Neem Tree Granules applied from trunk to drip line now.

This creates a smell which when the moths hatch out of their cocoons in the soil they cant smell the apple tree above. Hopefully birds will eat them while they are sitting waiting for the tree to arrive.

Stone Fruit Trees: now you can spray the tree and the ground underneath with potassium permanganate mixed at quarter a teaspoon per litre of water with Raingard added. This is to kill spores in the soil and on the tree for Curly leaf disease.

When the leaves appear later start spraying with the same every 7 to 10 days to protect the new leaves against the disease. Keep spraying during the critical period which is about 2 months from bud swell.

ROSES: Over the next few weeks you should have completed your final pruning of the roses.

Only prune on a sunny day when the soil is on the drier side to prevent silver leaf disease entering the roses. After pruning spray the plants with Wallys Liquid Copper and sprinkle Wallys Neem Tree Granules into the root zone along with Rok Solid.

When the roses start to move later on; then apply food for them in the form of sheep manure pellets, blood & bone, BioBoost and any other animal manures. Keep it natural and you will have superior roses compared to chemically feed roses using rose fertilisers etc.

Once a month give the roses a sprinkling of Wallys Fruit & Flower Power.

Monthly sprays of potassium permanganate with Raingard will help stop diseases happening and at first sign of black spot, rust etc spray plants and soil with the same.

If you have not done so place a 10 micron carbon bonded filter and housing on your hose tap to remove the harmful chlorine. It will make the world of difference to your roses and gardens.

INSECT PESTS: If you are vigilant then with the first sighting of any insect pest that troubles your garden and plants, you need to take action.

A mix of Wallys Super Neem Tree Oil, Wallys Super Pyrethrum and Raingard used late in the day when the sun is off the plants will take care of the early pests preventing them from multiplying and causing heaps of problems later on in the season.

A two weekly spray over preferred plants or any plants that you had problems with previously can be a good prevention program.

If you want to make your plants healthier at the same time then add to the mix Wallys Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL) and Mycorrcin.

Endeavor this new season to stay as natural as possible with your gardening activities and you will reap the rewards of better gardens and healthier plants. Your food crops will be much more tasty and far better for you. Your health is important and it is governed by the goodness of the foods you grow naturally.

(Recently we purchased a purple cauliflower from a supermarket it was bitter to the taste yet I have grown the purple type in the past and they had a lovely flavour. That is the difference between chemical and natural)

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