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I hope your week is off to a great start.


This is a brief email to update you on the landline phone issue.


First of all, thank you very much for making the time to send in a submission on the landline phone issue. I really appreciate your support.


I have learned from Elizabeth Rian who is the new secretary for the Economic Development, Science and Innovation Committee that the committee plans to consider the submissions that it received on February 15.


According to Elizabeth, it has not yet been decided whether or not there will be hearings on the submissions, or if so, where any hearing(s) will be held.


A request


If you live close enough to a main centre (Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch) that you would like to attend a hearing, I would appreciate it if you could email Elizabeth Rian today at to tell her that you would like to do this.   


If you do email Elizabeth Rian to indicate that you would like to attend the hearings, please also subsequently email me to let me know this and let me know which main centre you have indicated that you would like to attend.


(NB:  Select committee hearings are open to the public. You do not need to have indicated that you want to speak in support of your own submission in order to attend a hearing.  If you have time you could simply attend a hearing in support of those people who oppose the legislation who have indicated that they do want to speak.)


Last but not least, according to Elizabeth Rian, routine acknowledgements were not sent to people who emailed submissions on the telecommunications bill unless people specifically asked for an acknowledgement. If you sent in a submission and did not receive an acknowledgement this is probably why. 


If you would like confirmation that your submission was received, you could request this confirmation via email. 


Going forward


I will endeavour to keep you updated on this issue and let you know the outcome of any recommendations that the select committee may make once they have considered the submissions.


If you are on Facebook, please also consider “liking” and “following” the following pages so that you can get updates on this issue through this means, too.


Many thanks.


Kind regards,


Katherine Smith


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