London fire: Twelve confirmed dead but police expect further fatalities after tower block blaze – latest updates

Seventy-five people treated in six hospitals as hundreds of firefighters remain at the scene of blaze at Grenfell Tower near Notting Hill in west London

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Something has emerged out of this tragedy that we should all pay attention to.  The new refrigerators are all using a petroleum-based coolant which is supposed to be "environmentally friendly".  It's not stable.  In some fridges it leaks into the fridge food compartment, and especially during the night time hours accumulates as a gas in the fridge.  It can explode when it is ignited by the fridge switching on.  England has had a lot of trouble with defective refrigerators and the problem is practically unheard of here in Canada.  However ALL new refrigerators use this coolant.  The stable and efficient Freon (gas coolant) fridges are not being manufactured any more.  You should all be aware of this!  I wasn't and I have an old Freon refrigerator that I'm going to keep running as long as possible!  In fact, when one of the new fridges breaks down (and they do!) the service people will not top up the coolant gas. . . . you need to buy either a whole new cooling unit or a new fridge (cost almost the same for either).

Thanks for the link Doreen. Interesting reading. Tragic news for the loved ones of those who perished. Wonder how this 'spin' will be done.

Hey - at least this building actually burned rather than disappearing into it's own footprint ~  right?

While watching this with my 17 year old son whos first memory of life was 9/11, I said I wonder if the building will fall down, he replied only if it was rigged with explosives!

Watching this reminded me of the movie the towering inferno, and guess what, the building was completed in 1974, the same year the movie came out. This was clearly a cabalist fire sacrifice , probably to do with the elections just been.

Fascinating trivia Lee

Chris Cornell died 18th of May, 27 days before the fire which is 69 days before the next full solar eclipse on 21 Aug. 69 = 27 = 96 and Aug 21 is known as a black sun day, Chris Cornell sung Balck hole sun!

Nice work, Lee! That song has always fascinated me.

Opps I ment 27 + 67 + 96

'I've never seen a fire spread that quickly' - reports from Grenfell Tower - BBC Newsnight George Clark talks on here.

I have been looking for the BBC News shot that shows a white beam onto the top of the building visible in the smoke. It is day light and the smoke is going to my right. Any one find this? Please reply here.


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