Friends, once upon a time I was reminded by a friend that in the Gene Key system I was some kind of "rainmaker." I don't think it was any kind of a compliment to my personality type. Sort of like bringing rain to someone's parade I guess?

I don't think I derive pleasure from raining on anyone's parade, but if its going to be a celebration based upon denial or a lack of education, you bet I will rain on the parade!

Let's use some practical examples here for educational purposes. Watch the video below, look its magic, the EMF disappears when using this new emf protection device:

Start the video at 1:41:

The lady is using a Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B electric and magnetic field meter. I use this meter and I provide them to customers all over the world. It has a very sensitive sensor in the top portion of the meter. What does she do here? She sticks the emf protection device between the sensor in the top of the meter and the electric and magnetic fields coming out of the wall, basically blocking the sensor in the meter! Magic, the emf protection device works!

And look at the attached photo from the website of this same emf protection product. Notice the woman looking confident and relaxed while she is microwaving her brain cells with her cell phone, but not concerned at all because she has a little copper sticker on the back of the phone. Magic, now the cell phone is safe to use! Nooooooottttttt!

I am not invalidating the possibility this product has some benefits. But look how easy it is to manipulate human perception! Alright, maybe I do like raining on parades! However, the point is this, we should not be looking for magic pills, or miracles, or protection devices we can justify or rationalize our use of highly toxic technology that is not safe for human use in the first place. There are no shortcuts!

Neil Cohen

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