This will CAUSE micro thrombi under the nails. promoting roulette effects in the blood. simply add a smart phone to magnify this and ladies you are well along the way to developing a NWO

disease. Cancer here we come.

The EMF effects to humans is caused changes to the magnetic fields which is part of each Red Blood Cell. RBC,s are magnetic and are sensitive to any changes in electro magnetic flux.

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And probably coming soon, magnetic tatoos...

Uh Huh! But will they listen! My then 2yr old grandson while visiting last summer grabbed his mother's bright magenta nail polish and tipped it on my carpet and the parents were astounded, all apologetic and I laughed and said, 'well that's what he thinks of that rubbish and better on my carpet than on ur fingers po isoning you.' They looked at me like I was a screw loose so laughed some more and the carpet stain faded out over the winter with sun streaming in hitting the spot as I knew it would.

Nice work, RC!


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