I visited a lady this afternoon who has just arrived home from having back surgery in hospital. To help relieve the pain, one of the drugs they administered to her was GABAPENTIN but when she complained she couldn’t see properly and had double vision, they withdrew Gabapentin from treating her. Because they couldn’t rectify or treat her for the double vision and eye problems, they then referred her to the PRIVATE Eye Centre, who then diagnosed her with 80% vision loss from cataracts, and in 2 weeks time she is having the cataract operation at $3400 per eye which she has to pay for herself. She assures me her eyes were perfect before she went in for the operation.


Well, I have just arrived home and thanks to the enormous power of the Internet, looked at for “Gabapentin Side Affects”  for “Healthcare Professionals” under sub-heading “Ocular” and low and behold one of the side affects is CATARACTS and other serious eye problems!!!!!! You can look at it here yourself. This drug is deadly!


I was unaware that drugs like this could do so much damage in such a short time, especially re cataracts,  but it just goes to show what a pack of snake oil merchants they really are. Really, the hospital should be sued, but here in NZ you can’t. I wonder how many others they are using this snake oil on as well!


I know I’m not telling you anything about drugs, but the more you get into the subject the worse it gets!



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I've been thinking about this post and the awful consequences for this lady of a drug being on the market for profit rather than health.   Perhaps Gans Water solution eyedrops might help.   Suggest get in touch with Facebook Keshe Foundation Community, which is worldwide, and make inquiry.   All the best.  


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