If you are health conscious you probably won’t use a microwave too often. Many people have faded away from the convenience of a microwave oven because of the dangerous health risks they pose. 

Microwave ovens not only nuke our food and destroy any nutritional value that it has, but it is also having a seriously negative effect on your heart. Typical microwave frequency radiation from the microwave in an aver... puts off more than enough radiation to affect your heart rate and heart rate variability. Just 2.4 GHz can cause immediate and drastic changes to your heart. The shocking part is that 2.4Ghz is the average frequency given out by your WiFi router and microwave ovens.

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Is this a test?

If so here is my score: FAIL.

OR PASS, for me, as I clicked the the links and discovered that, they are to the New Jerk Times!

They are badly written and basically misinformation so don't bother reading.

They conclude that (in spite of the link reading that micro's destroy food) Microwaving is BETTER at preserving nutrients than conventional cooking in VEGETABLES, which are in some way I don't understand, different from FOOD as it refers to them in that way.

This is great news! For people who only read that and don't bother about the rads, and might be true for all I know.

BUT of course it conveniently omits the proven detrimental changes to the protein molecule found predominantly in MEAT.

The link for Radiation refers to medically induced Radiation(!) and thats all the text there is.

Exposed by the CON TRAIL TEST 


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