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Fantastic to see this video. Eloquent and emotional, factual and inspiring please watch this.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!  Amen and amen.  May the message and the passion spread to every country in the world.  Unfortunately I can't see it happening yet in New Zealand.  There are too many sheep in this country - being led to the slaughter by pharmaceutical companies and big corporations.  We have fought battles in the past - why not this one? Wake up.  Smell the danger. Fight for our children and our future.

Agree wholeheartedly with you Jenny.  Though it'll be a harder battle to fight here when MSM consider us 5%-ers as uninformed retards of some sort.  That's what we have to change.  Pity we don't have the numbers Italy has, it makes a big impact when they hit the streets and voice their opposition loudly.  Loved the quote in there "be afraid, the mothers are ..... angry!!"


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