MORE BRAIN DAMAGE IN DIPLOMATS - in Cuba (Canadian Embassy)

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Non-categorized event in Cuba on April 17 2018 05:24 AM (UTC).
Canada is removing diplomats' family members from its Cuban embassy over a mystery illness - amid fears some could be suffering from a new type of "acquired brain injury". The embassy will now be designated an unaccompanied post, meaning diplomats will have to live there alone. The post in Havana will now rank alongside those in Iraq and Afghanistan as being too dangerous for diplomats' loved ones. Canadian officials will also review the 15 roles at the embassy to see whether some staff can be brought home. Ten Canadians, including children, have been affected by the illness, with symptoms including headaches, nose bleeds, loss of hearing, short-term memory loss, nausea and dizziness. Researchers found some of those affected heard a "novel localised sound at the onset of symptoms in their homes or hotel rooms," and many described it as "intensely loud, and with a pure and sustained tonality". Some 24 US diplomats have also been affected, some as far back as late 2016, with the country deciding to cut its Havana staffing numbers by two thirds in October due to the uncertainty. Former secretary of state Rex Tillerson said at the time that there had been "targeted attacks". Canadian officials said there had been no new instances since 2017 but families who had returned to Canada had continued to suffer symptoms, sometimes improving before their illness returned again. he cause is unknown but initial suggestions from American experts of a sonic attack or psychosomatic causes have been dismissed as unlikely. Air and water have also been tested but no clues were found. Computer scientists at the University of Michigan said the problems may have been caused by eavesdropping devices and the ultrasonic distortion they produce, which can be harmful. In a statement, Global Affairs Canada, which oversees the country's international presence, said medical specialists who examined the sufferers had "raised concerns for a new type of a possible acquired brain injury". They added: "Additional research is needed to better understand this. "The cause remains unknown but could be human-made."
Non-categorized event in Cuba on April 17 2018 05:24 AM (UTC).

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Suddenly it matters because this is happening to Diplomats?  

Where were the voices of the diplomats when this was happening to my daughter and I AND innumerable activists and their families in NZ (and the US) during Key's reign?

When this was happening it was during the Military operation that caused multiple Canterbury quakes

 Computer scientists at the University of Michigan said the problems may have been caused by eavesdropping devices and the ultrasonic distortion they produce, which can be harmful.

A comment from Leuren Moret;

Did you know they assassinated Fidelito - Fidel Castro's son - around the time the US Diplomats were getting hammered in Cuba and brain damaged about a yr ago?

Fidelito came to Malaysia during our war crimes tribunals just to LOOK AT ME.  It was a UN controlled event and Fidelito got me kicked off as DU expert witness.  He was a horrible horrible criminal looking piece of shit with 4 of his thugs. 

Thanks again Robin, appreciating your understanding and feedback here.

From "The U.S. Army document, Bioeffects of Selected Non Lethal Weapons, which notes that human beings have been used as guinea pigs and the physical effects are a reality, states:

'Human subjects listened to very high levels of low-frequency noise and infrasound...Two minute duration as high as 140 to 155 dB produced a range of effects from mild discomfort to severe pressure sensations, nausea, gagging, and giddiness. Effects also included blurred vision and visual field distortions in some exposure exposure conditions...'…/Bioeffects_of_Selected_Non-Le…

"... that it was originally labeled “Secret Noforn” until it was stamped unclassified clearly indicates that information is being suppressed and kept well away from public scrutiny. The label SECRET NOFORN means documents are designed to never be shown to non-US citizens."

A stunning share, thank you.

People might be interested to know that we had a gifted childrens programme running in NZ in the 70s/80s that involved an awful lot of unnecessary "hearing tests"...and Rorscharch blot tests too amongst other weird things. I met someone recently who told me her high IQ son was offered to be put in this programme about 10 years ago.

Along with the constant media onslaught/gaming that kids are absorbing in a trance like brain wave state Id say the MK system is in a high state of refinement right now.

They are desperately trying to stem the flow of awakening.

CIA/Mossad.As usual


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