More 'global warming science' predictions - Antarctica Ice Shelf

The stage is being set for the Antarctic Ice Shelf break.  More double speak for the warming technology they are using in Antarctica (for mining purposes).  This will be a convenient stage show as access to the ice is limited to those that are controlled, ie you and I will not be able to visit Antartica to know the truth.

How many of you have considered "they have learned" to heat up volcanoes to create their chaos?  All the HAARPING around Christchurch before during and after the quakes showed a temperature raise in lake Ellesmere (Ellesmere is situated right next to the HAARP/ Birdlings Flat Antenna array, run by Christchurch University at the time)  where fish were reported to be dying, then there was a couple of supposed extinct volcanoes on the CHch coastline that were also heating during the same period.

Does anyone find it even a little interesting?  Of course you are programmed to respond with nature did it, it is impossible for man to do this.  Oh yes, just like it is impossible to light up the earths magnetic field/auroras, just like it is impossible to create the conditions for a giant earthquake.

NASA are building a bunch of BS science to back up their next effort to terrorise you for more black budget monies.  Mark my words.

NASA Has More Evidence Volcanic Activity Is Heating Up Antarctica’s Ice Sheet

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I'll add this here so that if we're told sulphur dioxide and other "oxides" found leaking into streams from previously extinct volcanoes we'll know about this lie as well:

Antarctica is growing, not shrinking. They were telling porkies about Antarctica and global warming on TV just yesterday.

The shedding of ice shelves is the Antarctic's way of dealing with excess ice.

The TV Climate Change fearmongering continued with a report on rising sea levels along the Wellington(NZ) coast while simultaneously admitting that the encroaching water was due to LAND SINKING! Talk about cognitive dissonance!

By the way, did anyone sit up and take notice when Jacinda Ardern invited Justin Trudeau to a trip to Antarctica?

missed that


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