Wood is Carbon You are Carbon, what do they spray us with? Natural Elements our bodies need being used against us, turning us into Batteries. Wi Fried@Morgellons.


(Wasn't there a horror movie where people turned to stone) hummmmm

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Check out Mud Fossil University.  many You Tube Clips. He looked at the one giant shown here ( with large dreadlocks and looks more like a sculpture.. ITS NOT.. !!! he found all the ligaments ,muscles, tendons and bllod vessels  INDISE part of the leg that had fallen away on this statue every details INDIDE was correct. Alco check out Michael Tellenger he talks of HUGE human body parts strewn across South Africa that were turned to stone.  Like the Medusa of old!!!!  There is also a CIA document recently in Russia I think ( will try and find it) that details an army squad that 25 of 27 of them were instantly turned to stone after firing on and bringing down a UFO out of which several "greys" came and joined themselves together to become an orb which then fired on these army guys. The 2 surviviors were further away from the beam to lived to tell this tale.  There are things we do  not know which happened long ago by technology we have no idea about,  awesome,,,,

Ha, I checked that one out on Mudfossil the other day along with the thing about the two eras of giants and how that's spelled out in Genesis.

Mudfossil says the first era of giants were the mountains and then the second era the Titans and offspring of the Nephilim and human women (which really doesn't bear thinking about!)

Its was mindblowing that's for sure, and I know old Mudfossil guy comes across wholly unscientific at times but seriously nobody would ever put together our real history with the fake level of science taught in schools or universities. You would only ever figure it out with a big dose of imagination combined with a total scepticism of the mainstream view of things and some serious dot connecting.

Interesting that all our indigenous and native cultures (including Nordic/Celtic/European) have stories of giants and titans and otherworldly creatures. Turns out those "fairy tales" were sent down through oral traditions for a good reason.

I always loved these, the Maori legends of how the mountains had lovers spats and relationships and how they moved around a lot before settling where they do now.  


Our earth is ALIVE. Oh and it all ties in with the theory that the earth used to be much larger than it is now. Martin Harris did a blog on this site about this very topic a couple of years ago. Been meaning to write something to tie it all together but life keeps on interrupting, thanks Sandi for reminding me. Synchronicity.


Mudfossil University, the Mysterious case of the Limestone Russian Soldiers.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AL2Hk4duas This is the one about the two stages of Giants, aka the Genesis story.

This is the CIA doc on the case of the Russian Soldiers who were "turned to stone" by "UFO" technology. Not much to go on, heavily redacted. And they instantly blamed it on aliens when in reality it could have been an enemy governments technology.



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