Friends, this is important. This is one of the best and most informative video presentations I have yet seen on the new 5G wireless agenda. Every single minute of this video is packed with spine chilling realities if one is really listening and perceiving the implications. This is our future. This is what is has come to. Please watch this video. Again, this is very important.

I know most of you believe all beings have a heart of gold, somewhere down deep inside. However, I consider it basic education for us to learn to discern who and what we are looking at without fantasy or magical thinking. As you watch Tom Wheeler, it is my suggestion that you are being educated by the actions and words of a being who has lost contact with their soul, a true psychopath. People like this are always used as the perfect pawns and puppets of corporations and governments, having no regard for the consequences of their actions.

This unfortunate fact, of those in positions of (false) power, always working toward evil corporate agendas, rather than caring for the people, puts the entire burden of responsibility onto stay educated and to protect ourselves from their actions!

What does all of this mean? Once again, I will repeat. Most likely 5G transmitters, as shown in the video will be coming to your town, city and neighborhood. This is the technology we are moving toward

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