MPI Threat - please be on alert and be prepared to help us - Sale of Raw Milk

From our local raw milk supplier (of which we are shareholders):


'Hi all, MPI has put us on a cease and desist notice for supply and sale of raw milk. As you know we maintain that we have shareholders who own the cows, in which case they are entitled to their milk. MPI is claiming that their lawyers say this model does not stand up. We say it does. This may result in a court case because we will not back down. There will be no interruption of supply unless they come and seize the milk. Someone may have to be prepared to start a give a little page to keep us going while we sort this out. As we do not issue invoices and only accept payment in return for us looking after the cows we think we have a good case. In America these cases have been successfully won by a shareholder demanding their rights to make a contract such as you have with us and demanding access to their milk. So someone may have to do that here. We do not supply either as we maintain that shareholders are organising delivery, not us Donna is a shareholder now anyway. Pray for us!!' - Wellington

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If I can help I will.  I had a house cow and she recently died. I have had to buy milk and its YUK i can REALLY taste the chemicals in it.. even the organic stuff I can taste the "Ancare" product used to clean the pipes.  My milk went straight into a jug after being filtered only and it tasted like milk should.. NO nasty chemicals no nothing just raw as it has been for thousands of years.  Stand up for our right to have what we want./. UNPOLLUTED food!! Count me in as I once bought some Meadow Fresh milk drank it down in gups as was thirsty then mouth started to burn and it went straight through me and oh was I ill and recognising the chemical taste of the same smell that is Ancare cleaning agent I complained to the manufacturere who said that the pipes had not been flushed properly and that some of the chemical got bottled with the milk. Too right it did I was ill for two days as it worked its way through me.  Means that they always have some amount of chemical in there.. I canm taste it!!

Thanks Sandi...its so sad to have gotten to this stage.

Has anyone considered just giving up milk products if you can't get the best? I haven't eaten dairy regularly for 50 years. No doctors, no health problems, no pains at 70. The problem now is that ALL livestock free to wander are eating the same chemical trail detritus we are breathing in and eating, so by eating the animal and/or its products, you are doubling up what you have to excrete and purge.

I quit drinking milk when the current muck in our stores created the perfect environment for allergy.  My daughter also quit until she found raw organic milk.  She now has a little milk to wash back her MSM (making the taste of sulfur more palatable/tolerable).

Raw milk is the base for the cancer killing yoghurt GcMAF and we are very lucky to have a source of fresh organic for these purposes, so it does have applications that are useful and even life saving.

The raw milk people here have become acutely aware of the sky trails.  A BIG STEP.

We cancelled MPI's confrence accommodation at our place Lucille.  We reason this with their insane use of 1080. 

I heard that Rose, was that you that cancelled the accommodation? Excellent. And yes I would completely remove dairy products from my diet, however I have also heard that the raw mil contains GcMAF which kills cancer...and for that reason I continued to take it.

It makes you wonder what is in the raw milk that is SO threatening to the evil powers-that-be.

This same battle comes to us again and again.  They do not stop. We are in Colorado, USA where the wave of dominion sweeps less powerfully....but it's coming.

From the Archives

As a rule of thumb, I don't drink anything that comes out of a cow. But for the last several thousand years, a large percentage of the human population has consumed cow's milk -- a substance that admittedly contains quite an impressive collection of nutrients. The problem today is that those nutrients are artificially modified through pasteurization(cooking) and homogenization (breaking down fat molecules) to create a ready-made, highly processed cow's milk beverage with a long shelf life that can be sold to consumers as "milk."

Haha I like it :)

Stand up with your farmers and dairies 


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