COLLBRAN — When it reportedly happened in Morocco five years ago, locals feared it signaled the end of the world. In Albania in 1994, it was thought to have unleashed the spawn of the devil on a small village.

But on a Grand Mesa ranch, the once-in-a-million, genetically "impossible" occurrence of a mule giving birth has only drawn keen interest from the scientific world. That, and a stream of the locally curious driving up from the small town of Collbran to check out and snap pictures of a frisky, huge-eared, gangly-legged foal.

"No one has run away in fear yet," laughed Laura Amos, the owner of the foal, along with her husband, Larry.

The foal is being called a miracle because mules aren't supposed to give birth.

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Add note to "Book of Human Knowledge of Planet Earth" :

"The breadth of our lack of understanding increases; we still don't understand Genetics, The Climate or even ourselves, let alone what Life is....but thats OK as long as we can operate an iPad",

Just like it always was.

Conclusion: Even a Mule knows more about itself and what its purpose is than we do, and is therefore, by definition smarter than us. 

I blame Santa...

( did you hear the one about the dyslexic devil worshipper? - He sold his soul to Santa)

Love the dad joke

Thanks Rose,

makes sense too tho eh? After all santa has just "Been", and he must get really sick of dwarves...

... like Snow White

Good point...thanks for the tip..

Her nr must be in the White Pages...

I'll tell her my name is John Snow (I've already got the hair and I never use soap)

and invite her to try my homemade "Snow Cone" after which we'll probably just melt in each others arms...

I gotta get to Waiheke for a good belly laugh

Yup, the consequences of "Playing God" could be very nasty indeed.

I am a big SciFi fan and one of the cool realisations associated with that is how amazingly often the predictions in such books come true, so in a way it prepares you for a potential future.

Well, I'm sorry to say the same phenomenon may be going to occur in the realm of HORROR stories with the difference that you won't want it to be true.

It has already started too, with "Super Weeds" that are immune to all poisons, very drought resistant and will grow anywhere and just take over, ruining farms.

Micro organisms in our bodies (MRSA) and the sea are another huge danger specially as more and more niches are bing vacated due to mass extinction, and there is no situation more anathema to nature than a vacant niche, let alone many at one time,THEY WILL BE FILLED by something...

Or it's simply doing what nature does best - adapting to survive

That is right too of course and that strength is why we are still here in spite of it all...

Its not natures fault and ultimately Gaia is ambivalent as to what kind of life exists at any one time, extinction of a species is just as natural as the extinction of an individual, eventually equilibrium will be reached again.

"There is time enough for anything and enough Stars in the Universe to give every man who has ever lived his, or her own personal Heaven or Hell".Arthur C Clarke

The miraculous birth of the Mule messiah!

Meanwhile in NZ a shark leaped like a dolphin.

In the UK a metre long cod was a river!

And Japan had a stray giant squid that was led back into deeper water by a kind diver.

True stories!

Good one RC


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