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I’ve closely read this Draft Bill this morning and it is much worse than I ever could have imagined! It is nothing less than a rubber stamp for corrupt, multinational drug companies in collusion with WHO and our own Government to highly regulate, register and licence all natural products (over 5,500  I’ve been told are on the Draft List already - which I can’t find in this Draft Bill here – that is a huge number of products) and effectively ban private people from using or promoting all natural products unless big pharma corporates or their agents have tested and approved them. This will particularly apply to any natural products that are claimed to promote health, prevent or cure disease that compete with their own products and will turn all natural health product producers, distributors, users and advocates into common criminals. This horrendous Bill is currently going through its Third Reading in the NZ Parliament, and it looks like it will be introduced early in the New Year in 2015. Of course, it is part of a similar legislative regime of tyranny happening all round the world at present promoted by the global multinational drug and pharmaceutical mafia, but it doesn’t excuse us here in New Zealand to apathetically just sit back and allow such tyrannical and oppressive legislation to pass.
If you click on the above link, then click on the ‘The Natural Health and Supplementary Bill’ and the go to the Bill itself, to appreciate what incredibly, draconian, all-encompassing fascist tyranny they propose. Go to sub-section, 40C  Offence to publish certain advertisements relating to natural health and supplementary products.
Here you will read, to my mind, the greatest abomination I have ever read. (Bear in mind that many of these products to which these contemptible psychopaths refer are in fact, common natural foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals etc. which mankind has freely used or eaten for thousands of years!And now they want to licence, register and own the rights to them! 
Do read the whole sub-section to get the full picture of what really, is  indescribable greed and wickedness. Here is a quick extract:
Sub-section 40C (1) “A person must not publish or cause  to be published (either on  that person’s own account or as the agent or employee of the person seeking to promote the sale) any advertisement that-
a) directly or by implication states or suggests that a natural health and supplementary product for sale in New Zealand may be administered by- 1) injection or parental infusion; or 2) application to the eye;
b) includes any health benefit claim that directly or by implication states or suggests that a natural health and supplementary product for sale in New Zealand is able to treat or can assist in the treatment of a named condition.
(3) A person who contravenes subsection (1) commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding- a) $250,000, in the case of a body corporate; b) $50,000, in the case of an individual
(4) In subsection (1), -
advertisement means any words, whether written, printed or spoken, and any pictorial representation or design, used or appearing to be used to promote the sale of any natural health and supplementary product and includes any trade circular, any label, and any advertisement in a trade journal
publish means-
a) insert in any newspaper or other periodical publication printed or published in New Zealand; or
b) send to any person by post or otherwise; or
c) deliver to any person or leave upon premises occupied by any person; or
d) broadcast within the meaning of the Broadcasting Act 1989; or
e) bring to the notice of the public in New Zealand in any other manner.”
This friends, is only a small part of the Bill. At least in my view, it is the most tyrannical, far-reaching, draconian, dictatorial and contemptible legislation ever to be introduced in our county’s history. The terminology itself, because it is so wide and all-encompassing,(for example, the phrase, “bring to the notice of the public in any other manner”) brings in other Acts and penalties as well, for example, the New Zealand Misuse of Drugs Regulations 1977.
It’s not generally an issue I have had a lot to do with myself, and I admit I’m certainly not an expert on the general subject of health supplements at all. However, based on this draft legislation in hand, and it looks like it is going to be passed before Parliament winds up for the Parliamentary Christmas recess. All I can say is, God help us all!
What an utter disgrace that there has hardly been a murmur from the general public! Of course the media have largely been to blame too, as they have been very quite about it as well, not surprising, as they generally are owned by the same global banks that control the drug companies.
I mean, really though, what an utter shocker, that these impertinent, money-hungry, pharmaceutical and medical corporate charlatans (with their subservient bureaucratic puppets drafting this destructive legislation) even have the cheek and gall to tell us ordinary, law-abiding, thinking citizens that now the best ingredients in the very food we all eat, most of which have been commonly  promoted for good health for thousands of years, now have to be officially registered, licenced or banned by an increasingly totalitarian State, in collusion with a powerful gang of fascist UN agencies and global multi-national corporate pirates, and if we don’t all comply, we soon will be prosecuted as common criminals and liars. What an utter disgrace that almost the entire nation is just sitting back and putting up with this nonsense.
To my mind, if I can’t freely and openly express my personal opinion to others, make a statement or recommend, for example, to my friend next door, that Vitamin C will help cure his common flu or whatever, without any dictatorial government approval, licence, regulation or fear of criminal prosecution – I am no longer living in a free and open  democracy .
That is all.

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This is disturbing .. and strategic that it is going through right on the Christmas rush time.  Very disturbing all of it.

This is horrendous. I depend for my life on certain alternative herbal remedies. When I mentioned it to a friend she said that she and most people have no idea that this is going on because there is nothing in the news about it. No, the msm has been keeping very quiet on the issue. Not much time left to protest. What are the suppliers and distributors of natural products doing about this tyranny?

Same Jenny. Was going to make liposomal C but how legal will that be I wonder? Everyone is busy with the TPPA not even realizing this is going down. 

This just makes me so farken mad and I'll be saving all the available health literature I can get my hands on, especially already printed content And distributing it where I see fit too...just because it becomes another STUPID ass law in this country does Not mean I will comply

I'm with that RC. Civil disobedience. 

They run our world,the reptilians,Draco,greys,they run our governments,religions,banks.Reptilian Pact  The Queen is the reptlian leader of EARTH

The only advice I could offer is to do what your think is best for your own situation.

Tyrants and all those who follow them do eventually fall, usually violently, history is truth and shows this.

I couldn't agree more. I've made my views known to an MP. And I shall stockpile, but that only works until my supplies run out.

God help us because the main stream health industry wont

what next ? burnings at the stake

and what about all the books out there on natural health will they be recalled ? they will drive people undergound together to form their own groups and use of knowledge.

Ancient Alien Question presented by Yekra


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