Multiple earthquake warnings over NZ, the Defence Force and 20 countries still surrounding us and the Amazon Warrior...

"They are telling us everything* and most people can’t or won’t hear it... * You may recall from the David Wilcock video ‘Rules of the Illuminati’ why they must inform humans. They are aware of benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless humans consent to be enslaved."
Quote Doreen Agostino

With multiple earthquake warning over NZ currently, the Defence Force and 20 countries still surrounding us in our waters, listen up kiwis...

Track the Amazon Warrior

Current Position

Ship Data

 The bitch is back and Right On Cue, just as GNS Science expert Ursula Cochran said a 9.0-magnitude earthquake may hit the country because the Hikurangi ... has recently started moving... She is currently tracking around Taranaki and is due to be in the Hikurangi Subduction zone soon!  

Eyes up, wake up.

Now for the woo woo 

Psychic who foresaw Trump's win reveals predictions for 2018... including revolution in North Korea and Prince Harry's engagement

Today Prince Harrys engagement was announced, we know Trump won.  

  • There will be an increase in seismic activity - including places that have been tremor free for 1,000 years - with one very serious earthquake in New Zealand.
  • The southern seas will be impassable in places due to a massive ice shelf breaking from the Antarctic.
  • There will be wild fires in California and Australia, as well as flooding in India and China.

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And another of his predictions is under way - Trump to be impeached... which will just serve to make him more popular.

He will turn this in is favour I'm sure. He's always one step ahead of whatever they have in store for him. Unless Jared Kushner has engineered something?

Yesterday the scalar sky activity was worse than ever and lasted all day and today is drizzly rain with heavy black clouds hanging low.

Doreen shared this on a blog today and it's EXACTLY why I posted all this News Paper garb... 

Wickedness And WHY It Is So

Signs are everywhere

Nov 26.17

They are telling us everything* and most people can’t or won’t hear it... 

* You may recall from the David Wilcock video ‘Rules of the Illuminati’ why they must inform humans. They are aware of benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless humans consent to be enslaved. [see below] Doreen

For any of you waiting for a petition to save us - remember DON"T CONSENT.  Ignoring this is exacty that.

Law change on oil exploration signalled as Amazon Warrior reaches NZ waters

Posted by Sarah in chat

And although about Japanese whaling and not the Oil industry (not directly anyway) lets NOT FORGET that it is the marine life we have to protect and while your pondering, remember the Navy crimes on whaling!  Pointing the finger at Japan with their "333" quota of whales when they are literally blowing up 65 million marine mammals every 5 years!

Quote Rosalind Peterson ~ 2011

Secret Japanese whaling video released by Customs after Sea Shepherd fight

Here is my public affirmation with the intention of warding off any harm being sent our way.

I do not consent to any earthquake activity induced by any entity. I call for protection from any electro-magnetic or phonon or photon discharges as I am opposed to un-natural inducement. I call for the annulment of any entity that approaches any part of the world with the intent to cause harm.

I lead a life of righteousness and peace. I do not wage war on any entity. I hope that any person will take any opportunity to raise their spiritual awareness by practicing the teachings in their holy works or by simple aspiring to be more spiritual. We should all share this planet and all its bounty.

I live for the greater good.

This planet is paradise made sour because people failed to say "NO!" to people with bad intentions.

I am here saying "NO!" to those approaching our shores with evil intent.

 Thanks Steven

Agree Totally Stephan.

Earthquakes in NZ, wildfires in Cali and Aussie; flooding in India and China; Ice shelves calving in Antarctica. Sounds pretty run of the mill and predictable to me. I'd be more surprised if these didn't happen!

HOWEVER, I agree Kiwis should be on high alert. All the pieces are in place for a potential big shake. It never hurt anyone to be prepared. Dynamo torches, a battery radio, bottled water, tinned food, a bag packed with warm clothes etc. and a first aid kit. If you use a car, keep the tank topped up, and a spare container of fuel.There WILL be panic buying and fights at the service stations, so try and avoid them.

Practical advice from a survivor.

The point is, multiple MSM newspapers are telling you ~ "THEY" have to tell you, get your consent...  Imagine if folk had actually taken heed of the signs prior to Christchurch quake, perhaps they wouldn't have endured the petrol pump fights...


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