Multiple earthquake warnings over NZ, the Defence Force and 20 countries still surrounding us and the Amazon Warrior...

"They are telling us everything* and most people can’t or won’t hear it... * You may recall from the David Wilcock video ‘Rules of the Illuminati’ why they must inform humans. They are aware of benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless humans consent to be enslaved."
Quote Doreen Agostino

With multiple earthquake warning over NZ currently, the Defence Force and 20 countries still surrounding us in our waters, listen up kiwis...

Track the Amazon Warrior

Current Position

Ship Data

 The bitch is back and Right On Cue, just as GNS Science expert Ursula Cochran said a 9.0-magnitude earthquake may hit the country because the Hikurangi ... has recently started moving... She is currently tracking around Taranaki and is due to be in the Hikurangi Subduction zone soon!  

Eyes up, wake up.

Now for the woo woo 

Psychic who foresaw Trump's win reveals predictions for 2018... including revolution in North Korea and Prince Harry's engagement

Today Prince Harrys engagement was announced, we know Trump won.  

  • There will be an increase in seismic activity - including places that have been tremor free for 1,000 years - with one very serious earthquake in New Zealand.
  • The southern seas will be impassable in places due to a massive ice shelf breaking from the Antarctic.
  • There will be wild fires in California and Australia, as well as flooding in India and China.

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Trouble is, the majority of people don't take heed, don't learn. The first quake comes and they all go "whew, that's over" and go back to their daily lives. I learned the hard way that you can warn them and they call you a fearmonger and crack jokes about tinfoil hats. A few wake up and start asking questions and seeking answers, but not many.

If another big quake shook Christchurch today, almost no one would be prepared, even after all we endured. Still I live in hope that some will awaken and be ready.

Its getting a bit ridiculous, the naivety of it all by the public here in NZ.

I am genuinely concerned for what happens over the next few weeks here in NZ. The Amazon Warrior has already spent a couple of months this year off the coast of the Wairarapa and it appears to be heading back that way. Add into that the recent GNS reports that a 9.0 earthquake could happen in that area, and the rushed emergency response cellphone trial a few weeks ago by the Civil Defense and all signs point to some form of catastrophic event being on the cards.

To me, it appears the East Coast of NZ has taken a hammering over the last decade. The Hawkes Bay is especially vulnerable at the moment given the closure of the Manawatu Gorge and its extremely low water levels. I cannot think of a worse time in history where that area of NZ has been so exposed. The effects of a "natural" disaster right now would be devastating - isolated, lack of access, hot weather, and out of water. It would kill all agriculture within days, which in turn would be the death of the Hawkes Bay economy.

I hope I am wrong, but sometimes you look at this and it reads like a Hollywood script..


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