The profoundest of all sensualities is the sense of truth and the next deepest sensual experience is the sense of justice.- D.H. Lawrence


No one is free when others are oppressed. - Mahatma Gandhi



A petition to parliament asking the House of Representatives to inquire into giving the Reserve Bank of New Zealand the sole ability to issue all New Zealand money, whether notes, coins, or electronic


PETITION: I call on Energy Minister Megan Woods to end oil & gas subsidies, and use that $88m/year to put solar panels and batteries on 500k homes by 2030.



European court determines that bulk data collection by NSA and GCHQ violates human rights charter



Thierry Meyssan: Why the war on Syria will never really be over - even though the jihadists have lost


'Teargas became my daily meal': Human rights activist recounts IDF's constant harassment of Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Tom Suarez



A farmer who lost 570 ewes following an accidental 1080 drop on his farm said that 6 months later sheep were still dying


OSPRI – An Empire Built on a Fallacy? (TB/Possum/1080)

By: Bill Benfield


Poll: Do you think New Zealand's 100% Pure campaign is a fair and accurate representation?



A firefighter's perspective on 9/11

Greg Bacon


The 'Never Forget' mantra of September 11



Dr. Stefan Lanka: The history of the infection theory. (English transcript)



(Excellent reading on US Vaccine court compensation program)

Unanswered Questions from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury

Mary Holland


Iowa Teen Dies of ADEM Three Weeks After HPV Vaccination


Children’s Health Defense Will Tackle the “Avalanche of Unprecedented Health Epidemics” in Children


Generation Sick: The Facts Behind the Children’s Health Crisis and Why It Needs to End


American Academy of Pediatrics Concerned About Unregulated Food Additives, but Not Vaccine Additives

“Mercury, the second most dangerous substance known to mankind, is still in childhood vaccinations–influenza, meningitis, HIB, Tdap, and Td; aluminum, a neurotoxin, is in a plethora of vaccines including hepatitis A and B, DTaP, Td, HIB, HPV; formaldehyde a known carcinogen is found in DTaP, Td, Hepatis A,  Hib, influenza, and Tdap.  There are other toxic substances in many different vaccines.”


Chimpanzees Inoculated with Cytomegalovirus Contaminated Polio Vaccines may Explain Origin of HIV-1 Volume 2 Issue 2 -2015

“The process of inoculation can bypass certain barriers that have successfully avoided the intermingling of viruses from different species. Similarly, the cultivation of human viruses in primary cultures of cells from known virus infected animals, as has been the case with many human vaccines, can encourage the development of new forms of pathogenic viruses.”

“The switch from rhesus to African green monkeys as the source of kidney cells for the production of polio vaccines occurred around 1961. The African green monkeys used throughout the 1960’s and into the 1970’s were commonly infected with SCMV [41]. It is possible, that co-infections of humans with stealth adapted SCMV and HIV led to further developments of the HIV genome. Even in its own right, stealth adapted SCMV is pathogenic for humans and dual infection with HIV could well contribute to the clinical characteristics of the AIDS epidemic “


Annual Vaccination against Influenza Virus Hampers Development of Virus-Specific CD8+ T Cell Immunity in Children


ONA Wins Second Decision on “Unreasonable and Illogical” Vaccinate or Mask Influenza Policies

The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) has won a second decision on the controversial vaccinate or mask (VOM) policy, striking down the policy in effect at St. Michael’s Hospital and several other hospitals that form the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN). These policies force nurses and other health-care workers to wear an unfitted surgical mask for the entirety of their shift if they choose not to receive the influenza vaccine.


The Chilling Image Behind Every Vaccine


Leading vaccine skeptic Dr. Bob Sears put on probation by California medical board



Miss America contestant shouts out Flint water crisis during pageant introduction




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