sung beautifully by this young girl here and always brings a tear to my eye.  Merry xmas

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Wow that took the Merry out of Christmas.  My daughter just bowled in and said "why are you listening to such depressing music, bought a tear to my eye too and I don't even know the lyrics.

I guess I'm just over jingle jangle xmas songs like jingle bell rocks, I'm slowing down, showing my age or being prematurely aged by everything around me more like it.  Happy xmas what ever ur into.

Aww RC - I loved the song, just made me feel really sad for some reason. At one point I started crying.

Never heard it - beautiful indeed

have a wonderful Christmas and give Kitty a thumbs up for us please.

thanks Rose and as for Kitty she went for her first walk up the big hill in about 4yrs to go and get Tia horse back to saddle up for a ride out the bush.  When the neighbours had their raucous nags and big cows with horns running the boundary fence Kitty got spooked and abruptly discontinued following me up there so I got a very pleasant surprise to turn around near the top and see her toddling behind me and this was after telling her back at the shed, 'kitty ur not loud come for a walk'...that's probably why she came, out of defiance, the cheeky rascal.

hahaha that's my kinda Mascot

It's beautiful RC. Always takes a child to give such a beautiful rendition.  It's lovely. (And yeah, I'm not usually into carols at all).  And yep, thumbs up to kitty from me too xx

...and happy Xmas too to all ... xx

A VERY MARY CHRIST----mas to all!

I`m not into lying to children, I`m a musician which as a team player I might have to play these songs, I don`t regret it , had to play last weekend Santa Babe by Eartha Kit  and This X-mas by Nat King Cole. Sure it is Beautiful and Inspirational and even more , propaganda let out the lunch box Respect to All

I don't know what you mean by 'lying to children' Michael, you've lost me there.  Propaganda or not, I enjoyed listening to that girl's rendition of the song more so than anything else I've heard of late.

Thanks, who cares what others think, lovely.


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