Mystery Behind QuestionAnswr: Internet Riddle To Be Answered July 4th?


By Aaron Kesel

I have a secret, can you keep it? A cryptic riddle has been put out by Anonymous hacktivists indicating that a big revelation may be happening on Independence Day (July 4th).

“We have questions for you, and we want answers from you?” that’s the slogan for a newYouTube channel counting down to 0-day dubbed “Questionanswr.” But what is Questionanswr? Few days remain until “all cards will be opened” or July 4th, 2017 U.S. Independence Day.

Well to answr your question it’s suspected to be an Anonymous operation using riddles for the public to decipher according to @TheAnonJournal. The same account also tweeted out “password Jon Snow.” Jon Snow was a Twitter account that was tweeting out the Questionanswr videos up until I recently discovered it. 
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