It concerns me that Mk Ultra Nano Girl, Michelle Dickinson has a large following of NZ school aged children. She is pro fluoride and states that she has studied it for 7 years, but when looking at her research paper the word fluoride only comes up a couple of times. Michelle also pushes vaccines and microchipping.

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I have seen that woman's face with another name attached to it, I am certain of it. I will ponder on this one.

That link didn't work - who's Nano Girl?

This time?

Her name is Michelle Dickinson and she is apparently one of NZ's top scientists and has a huge following on twitter and TV (not that I watch it). She openly admits to being a rogue MK Ultra survivor, and it is probable that she has been placed in that role to push the NWO agenda.

Ahh well - another one to wipe off my Xmas list...

So I don't have to waste my research time...  is she living in NZ?  Who are her controllers?  Was her programming done in NZ? 


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