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June 2017

In this issue:

  • Natural Health Products Bill
  • Updated draft Permitted Substances List
  • Preferred Name for Substances

Natural Health Products Bill

The Bill is awaiting the Committee of the Whole House stage. As there is very limited parliamentary time before the election in September, it is unclear if the Bill will be put to the house for its third reading before the election.

Updated draft Permitted Substances List

An update to the draft Permitted Substances List has been published. This update does not yet include all requests received in the last days of the period for free submission (which closed on 31 March 2017).

There are approximately 7,200 listings in the current update. These include substances that are not proposed to be included on the permitted substances list and substances being referred to the Permitted Substances List Subcommittee.
The search facility has been extended to include searching by Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) number, Enzyme Commission (EC) number, Colour Index (CI) and International Numbering System (INS) numbers.

The updated draft list can be accessed on the Ministry of Health website:

Preferred Name for Substances

The ‘Preferred Name’ for a substance on the Permitted Substances List is the name that has been selected to clearly and uniquely identify the substance from other similarly named substances.

In many cases, it is the most widely accepted name or is the ‘recognised’ name for the substance.

The Preferred Name is the name that the Ministry of Health would like to be used on product labels, in product information and in communications.

Product manufacturers and product notifiers may use any of the ‘other names’ commonly accepted for the substance that appear on the Permitted Substances List.

However, manufacturers and product notifers should ensure that the name they have chosen for the substance does not present any uncertainty or ambiguity over the identity of the substance.

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