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Hi Rose,
You may have seen this already elsewhere but looks like we are going to, very soon, have to put up with planes flying in the skies spraying us!

What a concept to get our heads around!

Click the image below to enlarge.

Nelson Mail, Monday 15 2018

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Wow, so the mainstream propaganda machine is finally getting into full swing with trying to normalise the spraying of our skies, so all the sheeple can feel happy when they see the skies all covered in aluminium laden trails, knowing it is all being done to 'save the planet'!

  Of course, they will say that all those crazy 'conspiracy' people who have been publicising the spraying for years to try and wake people up, were only seeing normal water vapour condensation trails, but NOW it is real and ok and given the blessing of climate scientists to begin spraying the skies now, because it is sooo urgent and needed because climate change is such a huge threat to our planet and human life (and corporate profits)

  Any and all justifications to legitimise chemtrailing our skies will be pulled out of the propaganda box now. When it is no longer being done covertly, they will have no restrictions on how much chem filth they can spray on us, and anyone who complains will be labelled an 'anti-sprayer' or some other derogatory label to keep them in a minority

Sigh... if only they'd started a decade ago we wouldn't be in all this mess ... we might even have saved a few polar bears. So glad to hear it's going to be properly regulated. Whew. 



I think this Peter Griffin idiot deserves some close attention.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to give him a little tap on the shoulder and let him know I'm around.

Censorship at work: My Stuff account has been deactivated. Tried opening up a new account, nope!

Obviously they don't like my criticism of their journalistic standards (or lack thereof!).

And comments on that geongineering article have been closed!

Well it was inevitable, they been pulling this line one out bit by bit internationally the past couple of years.

Found the sciblogs site and couldn't find a page for Peter Griffin or any geoengineering related articles, but I do see they are keen on dismissing cranks on the interweb. So nice of us to give them something to read. :-)

And I know scientists, most of them are so blinded by their god like intellect (small g) they forget to use their own process of logical examination to assess where their information comes from. The ones smart enough to figure that out exit the mainstream science building so fast the resulting turbulence rips the lab coats right off em.


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