Nestlé to remove all artificial ingredients from US confectionery

Confectionery company Nestlé has announced it is removing artificial colours and flavouring from its US chocolate and sweets
Food giant Nestlé has pledged to remove all artificial flavours and colours from its chocolate and sweets in the US.
The Swiss firm said that it would get rid of artificial ingredients from more than 250 products by the end of 2015, making it the first major American confectionery manufacturer to ban such additives.
Nestlé, which made about £4.6 billion in confectionery sales worldwide in the first nine months of 2014, said that the decision was due to growing demand from customers for foods made with natural ingredients.
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A study in 2014 found that more than 60 per cent of Americans were put off buying foods by the presence of artificial colours or flavours. 
“We know that candy consumers are interested in broader food trends around fewer artificial ingredients,” said Doreen Ida, president of Nestlé's American confectionery and snacks division in a statement.
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“As we thought about what this means for our candy brands, our first step has been to remove artificial flavours and colours without affecting taste or increasing the price. We’re excited to be the first major US candy manufacturer to make this commitment.”
Around 75 recipes will need to be tweaked by Nestlé over the next year to meet the new rules. The firm said it was exploring natural alternatives, such as using annatto, a natural yellow colouring made from the seeds of the achiote tree, to colour the centre of its Butterfinger bars, rather than the artificial colours Red 40 and Yellow 5. 
Other confectionery manufacturers are also looking at making their products more appealing to a health-conscious market. American firm Hershey, which makes products such as Reese's Pieces, said in December that it was planning to begin using sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, a cheap man-made sweetener that has been accused of driving up diabetes levels.
Mars pledged back in 2012 to cut the calorie content of its single-serve products to a maximum of 250 calories. 

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they still support monsanto in the hugest of ways besides their products being gmo i am sure they are filled with glyphosate also ,but,its a least people who dont care what they feed their kids will have less toxic ingredients i suppose

Follow the money. Unlike McDons Nestle have tweaked to the huge growing market of more healthy and less guilt. Something any spin doctor should be able to see happening is the increase in awareness of what we are being fed. Thanks and appreciation for places like here.

Believe this and you'll believe they succeeded
in landing Buzz and Aldrin on the moon....

or that arab flight-school dropouts

actually planted Boeing kites into

3 of the Twin Towers

I don't believe it. I will ask my friend who works in marketing about it. I taught her all about the artwork process after she got out of school and into corporate. Hope I can get a straight answer. What is most important is, people who are in the lower class don't want to eat that stuff anymore. EVERYONE WANTS NO GMO's and ORGANIC. EVERYONE. Just my two cents. BTW this is more fun than Facebook ever was. I feel free here.

Interesting. Wasn't it Nestle who was stealing someone's water & selling it?

Had a conversation just today with a local who phones up Cadbury's I think

she said quite often about the yellow colouring in the easter eggs. They getting ticked off 

with her and aren't going to remove it. Was pleased to find someone being active

about the issue as that's pretty rare I find. She recommended

yeah, if YOU cracked it's shell and it's (still) yellow...
then it could still be kosher...
but anything that just sez what they know ya wanna hear....
that's when Nestle' kosher
can take a hike back to Geneva

....or fracking Tel Aviv

....or Khazaria

I won't buy 729*********
no matter how many phony stars,

but even my very-best jewish friends

would want me to stick to Smarties

Yeah Danielle - a few crimes that corporation has committed and continues to commit.

'Billion-dollar Nestlé extracting B.C.’s drinking water for free'Nestle is a corrupt corporation, thiefs comes to mind! Boycott Nestle world wide!

 'Nestle CEO Says You Shouldn’t Have The Right to Water'Nestle ceo should be deprived of water immediately.

'Why Nestle loves fracking and other articles of interest Via Food F...Nestle should be removed from earth-scum!

'Nestlé Subsidiary Tries to Sell Small Town it’s Own Water: Residen...Boycott Nestle please

Video 'Dire WATER situation in Central Valley of CA 

'Billion-dollar Nestlé extracting B.C.’s drinking water for free'

I could go on - but thats just whats on the ConTrail.

Thank you Rose  Am saving those links. Gee... they'd partner well with monsanto.

Nestlé and Monsanto, the two big multinational corporations have found the way to ruin the earth. They care about nothing but their own coffers, profit, and step by step they attempt to move us to the brink.

Hopefully they will be the first to fall over the cliff. They will have ruined the earth, water, plants, forests, insects, mammals - entire ecosystems. 

Their coffers are full.

Well, now let them eat their money. 

Nestle Life Savers now have plastic coating on the foil. Just how long are these products staying in storage before hitting the shelves?

Ohh yuck Nym. They sure aren't the same as I remember them


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