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New Zealand author John D. Christian in his book (CENSORED BY THE NEW ZEALAND MEDIA) MURDER AT PIKE RIVE MINE [SECOND EDITION] published January 21, 2011, stated in his “Timeline of Corruption” on page 60:

“66) November 29, 2010: FIRE FROM VENTILATION SHAFT (see other dates as well). Exclusive news video footage, shot from a helicopter, is broadcast live to the world of a supposedly “raging coal fire” blasting out of the Pike River Mine 110 meter deep ventilation shaft. See: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqB6YBUhLJw

[Edit Rose] TIHIS LINK DOESNT WORK  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/news/print.cfm?objectid=10690980

Try this link for the NZ Herald http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=1... [end edit]

This author has studied this and other video footage of the event with international coal mining, gas and oil industry experts. All of whom conclude that the flames and smoke leaping from the top of the 110 meter ventilation shaft on the video clip CANNOT possibly be coming from burning coal at all (more than 110 meters below), or methane gas as the police and media deceptively claim. Coal and methane burns considerably cleaner with different colored flame and smoke and would not at all be in such high concentrations burning right at the top of the shaft (driven through hard rock) at such a huge intensity – irrespective of whether the main portal entrance to the access tunnel is open or not. The conclusion is that the fire on the video is a total deception and giant cover up. It is probably coming from a 45 gallon drum (with its lid cut off) or some other similar receptacle, circular deep dish or steel pot, carefully positioned inside the top of the shaft full of a diesel/fuel oil mixture or some other similar accelerant mixture, to simulate burning coal or methane gas, which has been set alight to give the impression that the mine is spectacularly on fire when really it is not...”

Yet now, on TV3 6 pm news tonight, nearly seven years after the event, while it is difficult to believe, it seems Christian’s allegations are verified by this amazing new footage from a camera taken from the bottom of a bore hole drilled into the mine itself, which clearly shows clean wooden pallets that have not even been singed or blackened – showing NO SIGNS OF AN INFERNO WHATSOEVER!

Clearly, the victims in the mine were all murdered, and from day one the Mining Company, Government, bankers and media have been lying through their teeth about it, to stop any re-entry to it, to cover the crime scene all up, together with the real reason the miners were murdered and why the mine was blown up (explained in full in Christian’s book – now on the Internet).

This is the greatest crime in New Zealand’s history, and perhaps, this video clip this evening, in helping to bring out the truth may all culminate very soon in the forthcoming Election later this year where Hon. Winstone Peters has drawn a line in the sand saying that if he is to be part of any new coalition government, his foremost condition is that there is a re-entry into the mine to investigate the crime scene for the families.

How on earth the corrupt companies and banks involved in collusion with the Government have so far succeeded in sweeping the whole thing under the carpet, not even re-entered the mine or even charged anyone for murdering the 29 men, right in front of the general public eyes with hardly a squeak of complaint from anyone, I will never know! The Americans had a similar event also killing 29 men, and now the CEO is behind bars and the families have been paid out tens of millions. But in this dirty, little, incredibly corrupt country New Zealand, not only has the mine even been entered, not a single soul has even been charged. What a national disgrace!


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I doubt the men were murdered. I've recently been privvy to a Queensland racecourse 'death' event hoax via a very good friend and former employlee of the 'victim' - a heavy gambler. 

Have you read the book or had anything to do with any of the families informations?

Why would they say their was a raging fire when there is no evidence for it? 

Just curious.

How are all those with blood on their hands, primarily John Key, who was PM at the time this criminal disaster happened, going to cover over the truth that is thankfully bubbling up to the surface?

And conveniently the two journos that would write about this subject are dead...

Still showing unburned pallet:

Image result for Pike River No sign of fire

pretty damning isn't it?

A message in your inbox regarding yesterdays question  Danielle

TY    .... does anybody have the revised version? I want to share this. Wow. disgusting murdering criminals.

Dean Dunbar ~ Pike River Video

Satanic Sacrifice to celebrate the engagement of Charles and Kate?  

The herald link BTW, has a sheep (appropriate) saying baaaa... this page doesn't exist etc etc. 


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