From the New Zealand Natural Journal of Medicine news letter:

New wireless 5G system proposed for NZ 
As if it were not bad enough that the government wants to destroy most New Zealanders’ access to the safe copper landline phone system, it is simultaneously working on the introduction of a new, high risk wireless system known as 5G. 
The 5G system proposed is not only a health hazard but is not necessary given that most New Zealanders have adequate access to the internet through the copper landline system, fibre or 4G systems. 
I would like to thank the many people who made submissions on this issue with very little notice.

There is now a new, dedicated website on the 5G issue for NZ:
This link of the new site gives an overview of the NZ 5G situation to date.  There is a Contact Form on the website to allow anyone who would like to help with the campaign against 5G to get in touch with the coordinator.
If you enjoy watching videos, the short video that you can access at the link below gives a good overview of 5G. 

In Australia, the site to access information about the push-back against 5G is 


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